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sinus-lift in Turkey

Sinus Lift in Turkey is a dental treatment used to apply implant treatment to toothless areas caused by filling the sagging sinus cavities. The maxillary, located just above the upper jaw in the sinus region, are important anatomical cavities that ensure the formation of sound and a decrease in head weight. However, the sagging of these sinus cavities can lead to bone volume loss, which poses a problem when it comes to implant treatment. Sinus Lift in Turkey ensures sufficient volume is created for the implant’s length and width, which must be fully inserted into the bone. During the procedure, local anesthesia or general anesthesia is applied. At Cayra Clinic, we offer high-quality Sinus Lift treatment in Turkey to restore your dental health and give you a confident smile.

The air gaps in the skull, which have functions such as reducing the weight of the head and ensuring that the sounds are smooth, are called sinuses. Since some of the sinuses are located in the areas near our teeth, it is also important in this respect. When teeth are lost in the posterior jaw region of the upper jaw (maxilla) and prostheses are not made on time to replace them, a shortening occurs in the distance between the sinus wall and the top of the jawbone called crest. Since there is not enough bone to implant in this area, Sinus Lift in Turkey is applied to increase the rate of decreasing bone.

What Is A Sinus Lift In Turkey?

In the posterior region of the upper jaw, there is the maxillary sinus region. Maxillary sinus; they are air-filled spaces that exist on both sides of the nasal cavities in the upper jawbone. Especially in the early loss of teeth in the posterior regions of the upper jaw, the maxillary sinuses sag. Therefore, it is not possible for us to apply dental implants at Cayra Clinic in Turkey unless we apply an advanced surgical procedure such as Sinus Lift to these areas. The purpose of this is to perform Sinus Lift in Turkey by applying bone grafts to the sagging maxillary sinuses. In this way, we at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can increase the insufficient bone quality and quantity to a sufficient level. Sinus Lift in Turkey is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia in a clinical setting in turkey.

Why Is Sinus Lift In Turkey Done?

Sinus Lift in Turkey is a technique used to intensify the existing bone by surgical means or to provide new bone formation in places where it is seen missing. What is aimed with this technique is to create the bone with the required density and volume that will allow the implant to be fully adhered.

How Many Days Does It Take Sinus Lift In Turkey To Heal?

The aim is to regain bone by lifting the sinus membrane that has dropped down over the years and filling the existing cavity with bone grafts. The duration of the operation often varies between half an hour and 1 hour. After the procedure, ossification may take between 4-6 months to complete.

How Is Sinus Lift Done In Turkey?

The condition of our patients at Cayra Clinic in Turkey is at the forefront when performing Sinus Lift in Turkey’s procedure. At Cayra Clinic in Turkey, we decide how to perform the sinus lifting procedure according to the jaw bone structures of our patients. We do the Sinus Lift in Turkey procedure with 2 methods.

Open Sinus Lift in Turkey

We start the open Sinus Lift in Turkey by opening a small area from the gingiva to the sinus area that is to be removed with local anesthesia. In this way, we perform the sinus raise procedure by applying bone grafts to the sinus cavity. Then we wait for the ossification process below the sinus cavity to place a dental implant in that area. We prefer the open Sinus Lift in Turkey method in implant treatments in large areas that will cover more than a few teeth in Turkey.

Closed Sinus Lift in Turkey

We perform the closed Sinus Lift in Turkey when the height of the bone area below the sinus is 5mm or more. We break the sinus floor with special tools called osteotome without requiring an extra surgical procedure from the area opened to place a dental implant. Then we perform the sinus raise procedure without damaging the sinus membrane.

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What Are The Stages Of Performing Sinus Lift In Turkey?

  • Preparatory stage: Before proceeding to the Sinus Lift in Turkey, your doctor at Cayra Clinic in Turkey conducts thorough diagnostics and assessment of the patient’s state of health. The comprehensive examination includes preliminary consultation, spiral computed tomography, and the manufacturing of a dental model. These measures help reduce as much as possible the risk of complications at further stages of the Sinus Lift in Turkey.
  • Anesthesia: Osteoplastic surgery is performed in the presence of local anesthesia. Most commonly it is regional anesthesia which gets injected in the tissue plane behind the last upper tooth. Moving across the adipose tissue, the substance reaches nerve fibers and blocks them, ensuring total lack of pain for 1-2 hours.
  • Surgical intervention. First the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus gets separated from the upper jawbone with the use of special tools. The corresponding cavity gets filled with ground bone made of the bone of the patient or a donor (sometime hypoallergenic bone expletive substance is used).
  • Final stage. In case an open sinus lift was performed, the cut gets stitched and treated with antiseptics. The closed technology provides an opportunity for installing a dental implant straight away.

What Are The Points That People With Permanent Disease Should Pay Attention To?

The most important factor in this matter is that the patient is under doctor control. Apart from dental treatment, factors affecting the patient’s own quality of life should definitely be under the control of your doctors ar Cayra Clinic in Turkey. However, if these patients do not go to their regular check-ups, if they do not have their tests regularly, if they do not use their medicines regularly, it is already a problem for them. Smoking poses a great risk in terms of other problems in the recovery period and in gum problems that may occur later. Patients should not smoke, especially during the recovery period. Because the success rate is higher in non-smoking patients than in smokers.

In Which Condition Can Open Sinus Lift In Turkey Not Be Performed?

Serious bone resorption is observed in patients with teeth withdrawn because of not performing implant treatments after years. This melting significantly reduces bone volume in the vertical or horizontal direction. After the removal of the teeth, the sinus cavities hang down and extend to the top of the bone. In cases where the height of the jawbone decreases, it is impossible to place a dental implant in the area where the sinuses sag. Open sinus lifting is not available for this application. Implants should be placed after 6 months.

What Should Be Considered After The Sinus Lift Int Turkey Operation?

After the Sinus Lift in Turkey, in order to protect the wound area, care should be taken to eat with the other part of the mouth for 24 hours. Nothing should be eaten or drunk for two hours after the procedure. After the sinus lift procedure, pressure should not be applied while cleaning the nose and the mouth should be kept open while sneezing.

Will There Be Complications After Sinus Lift Procedure In Turkey?

Patients may feel a feeling of fullness in the sinus area each time they breathe. These are not complications to be feared after a sinus lift procedure. As long as the patients pay attention to their oral hygiene, they will not experience any problems and this effects will disappear in a short period.

How Much Does Sinus Lift Cost In Turkey?

The cost of sinus lift procedure in Turkey ranges between $1000 and $2500 which is lesser compared to other European countries.

What Is The Recovery Period Of Sinus Lift In Turkey?

Soon after the Sinus Lift in Turkey, once you have woken up from being sedated, you will experience pain and discomfort in your sinus area. You may experience bleeding from your mouth and nose. The surgical area would be swollen. It would take several days for the swelling and inflammation to subside. Your dentist at Cayra Clinic in Turkey will recommend medication at this point to aid in healing. You will be instructed to avoid blowing your nose hard for several days following the Sinus Lift in Turkey. Any such forceful move could dislodge the bone graft material in your upper jaw. About a week after the Sinus Lift surgery in Turkey, you will have to schedule a checkup with your dentist to ensure you are recovering as expected. In the meantime, you should immediately report any severe side effects to your dentist at Cayra Clinic in Turkey. For example, if the bleeding doesn’t stop after two days, you must inform your doctor at Cayra Clinic in Turkey right away.

What Should Be Considered After Sinus Lift In Turkey?

Sinus Lift in Turkey is an important surgery. Thanks to this operation, we at Cayra Clinic in Turkey provides new bone formation in a non-bony area. We do this by separating the membrane inside your sinus cavity with precision and placing bone powder under it and bone membrane on it. In this way, we make that area suitable for dental implants. Since we move the membrane in your sinus cavity, a few drops may come from your nasal cavity on the related side for 1-2 days. However, this is very normal. What we want from you for the first few days after Sinus Lift procedure in Turkey;

  • Do not consume hot foods
  • Strictly follow the prescription given
  • Make ice application
  • Do not blow air through your nose with pressure
  • If you are given a nasal spray, it is especially important to use it regularly.

Sinus Lift in Turkey is an advanced surgical procedure. Therefore, there will be some swelling on the face of patients which will disappear in a short time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sinus Lift surgery in Turkey safe?

Sinus lift surgery in Turkey, performed in a reliable dental clinic environment and accompanied by a specialist doctor at Cayra Clinic in Turkey, is a safe surgery. On the contrary, the advantages of sinus raise operation are many. In this way, bone resorption in your jawbone stops. In addition, at Cayra Clinic in Turkey, we can make dental implants to replace your missing tooth by providing new bone formation.

How long does swelling last after a Sinus Lift in Turkey?

Swelling lasts for 3-4 days after Sinus Lift in Turkey procedure. This is a situation seen in every surgical procedure. Therefore, there will be some swelling after the Sinus Lift surgery in Turkey. However, it will pass in a short time.

How painful is a Sinus Lift in Turkey procedure?

Since the sinus raise is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain or pain during the operation. It is normal to feel a slight pain in the first 2-3 days after the sinus lifting surgery.

What are the benefits of a Sinus Lift in Turkey?

With sinus lift procedure in Turkey, we at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can stop the bone resorption that progresses in the back of the jaw. In addition, with the bone graft procedure applied, the insufficient bone area reaches a sufficient bone area. In this way, the patient gets a healthy jawbone. Your doctor at Cayra Clinic in Turkey will also help eliminate missing teeth with sinus raise and dental implant procedures.

Why Choose Cayra Clinic In Turkey For Your Sinus Lift Surgery?

At Cayra Clinic in Turkey, our cosmetic dentist will design your new teeth based on your needs and desires, giving you a smile that complements your personality, gender, and skin tone. We only recommend treatments appropriate for your dental health, protecting and preserving your natural teeth. As dental professionals, while we want to ensure you receive a beautiful smile, your overall oral health is our top priority at Cayra Clinic in Turkey. Every procedure is customised to provide an optimal treatment outcome, using high-quality materials and the latest techniques so you can enjoy the results for longer.

With our offices located in Istanbul and Antalya, Turkey, we offer a complete range of dental treatments, whether you require a simple scale and polish to freshen your smile, need a new white filling or want the best dental veneers in Turkey. We are simply the best in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery in Turkey. Schedule an appointment now.