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Orthodontic treatment with braces at Cayra Clinic in Turkey for a healthier and more beautiful smile.

Orthodontic treatment at Cayra Clinic in Turkey includes braces, clear aligners, and removable appliances for children. We offer specialized orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages in Istanbul and Antalya. Our leading orthodontists provide excellent treatment results in all dental areas, including braces, at an affordable cost compared to the UK and Europe. Choose Cayra Clinic for high-quality orthodontic treatment in Turkey.

What Are The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment In Turkey?

Aside from the pleasing aesthetic of a beautifully straight smile, correcting malocclusion and teeth misalignment with braces is beneficial for a number of other reasons:

  • Reduced tooth decay: Misaligned teeth can make maintaining adequate oral hygiene incredibly difficult. Hard-to-reach spaces can become breeding grounds for the oral bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • Reduced wear and tear: Chewing capability is impacted by malocclusion. Improper alignment means that as food is chewed, force is not evenly distributed. This can lead to flattened teeth and lopsided wear and tear on dental enamel.
  • Relief of jaw pain: Not only does a comfortable bite distribute pressure evenly across teeth, it can also create smooth, pain-free dental function. Patients with malocclusion experience jaw joint disorders (TMJ dysfunction) that create clicking, popping, and discomfort when opening and closing the mouth.

What Types Of Misalignment Require Orthodontic Treatment In Turkey?

An oral health professional at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can successfully treat jaw irregularities and teeth alignment issues with orthodontic braces. Here is a brief overview of the most common types of issues and alignment irregularities that require orthodontic treatment in Turkey:

  • Overbite: An overbite occurs when the maxilla (upper jaw) protrudes further than the mandible (lower jaw). This condition can give the chin a sunken appearance and make the smile look toothier than normal.
  • Underbite: An underbite occurs when the mandible protrudes further than the maxilla. This condition may be the result of growth irregularities and can make the chin look overly large.
  • Overcrowding: Overcrowding occurs when there is insufficient room for the adult teeth to erupt and align. In some cases, a tooth or several teeth may need to be extracted to provide room on the arch for proper alignment.

In Which Situations Can Orthodontic Treatment In Turkey Be Applied?

  • In tooth crowding.
  • Treatment of impacted teeth due to premature loss of primary teeth.
  • Tooth and jaw disorders caused by finger sucking, pencil biting and long-term sucking of pacifiers.
  • Irregularities of the relationship of the jaws with each other (forward or backwardness of the jaw)
  • In closing disorders.
  • Spacing and turned teeth.
  • In chin stenosis problems, we apply dental braces in turkey, antalya.

What Are The Types Of Orthodontic Treatment In Turkey?

The types of orthodontic treatment in Turkey include:

  • Metal braces
  • Ceramic braces (clear braces)
  • Lingual braces (invisible braces)
  • Clear aligners (invisalign)

How Much Does Orthodontic Treatment Cost In Turkey? 

The price and cost of orthodontic treatment in Turkey vary according to the type and difficulty of the treatment. As adalya dental centre antalya, we provide all braces treatments at affordable price with our orthodontic dentist, who is extremely expert in her field in turkey. The average cost of orthodontic treatment in Turkey is 1500 Euros.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment In Turkey Take?

Orthodontic treatment differs in turkey according to age, type of problem, motivation of the patient for treatment and treatment plans of physicians. At Cayra Clinic in Turkey, your surgeon can complete the treatment of simple crowding that does not require tooth extraction in 8-12 months.

However, your expert surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can complete the treatment of severe disorders such as lower jaw forward and backward in 2.5 years. In addition, the biological structure of the tissues and their response to treatment may differ in each individual.

An orthodontic treatment in Turkey, which are started at an early age in turkey, treatment times can be very variable if the treatment is performed with removable appliances that can be inserted and removed before the deciduous teeth are completely changed.

These treatments can be completed in 6 months, or it can take years if it is expected until all milk teeth are replaced. Sometimes your expert surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey start the treatment with removable appliances and try to achieve orthopedic effects before the growth is completed.

Then, your surgeon can take a break from the treatment for a while and correct the jaw closure and tooth alignment with fixed appliances in later ages. This type of 2-stage treatments can be seen as spread over 5-6 years in total. But active treatment times are shorter.

What Is Orthodontic Treatment In Turkey’s Aftercare?

At Cayra Clinic in Turkey, our expert dental team will provide all patients with the required medical care before, during and after your time. Suppose you suffer from any dental related anxieties, phobias or any other deeper issues in this respect. In that case, our medical team at Cayra Clinic in Turkey is thoroughly trained to ensure that you will be safe within our environment and that receiving braces in Turkey will not be an unpleasant or regrettable experience. Your safety and comfort are our ultimate priorities at Cayra Clinic in Turkey.

After the orthodontic treatment in Turkey, it’s crucial to maintain good oral hygiene. Here are a few main pointers for keeping good oral health:

  • Brush your teeth regularly: After eating, it’s essential to brush your teeth preferably with an electric toothbrush. This will help remove any food debris getting caught in your brace. It’s critical not to use any whitening toothpaste. The whitening agents will only work on places it touches. It will not whiten underneath the bracket. Wait until you have had your braces removed to start using these products for an even colour. If your toothbrush hasn’t removed all food particles, use an interdental brush. It’s ideal for getting into small gaps to remove particles that your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • Floss your teeth: You can use floss to thread between the brace wires and teeth. It can help remove plaque and food particles and keeps your gums healthy.
  • Keep checking your teeth and braces: Keep your teeth and brace hygiene in check by regularly ensuring all food and plaque are cleaned away. This is also important for checking that the brackets and wires are in good shape, ensuring nothing is loose or broken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is orthodontic treatment cheaper in Turkey? Is it safe?

You don’t need to worry about the low price point of orthodontic treatment at Cayra Clinic in Turkey. The procedure is still completely professional and safe. The orthodontic treatment costs in Turkey is affordable because of high exchange rates and the government’s policies that support medical tourism. You can safely get your teeth straightened and enjoy your brand-new smile with Cayra Clinic in Turkey.

What is the average orthodontic treatment price in Turkey?

Orthodontic treatment price in Turkey is much lower than in other parts of the world. Turkey offers some of the best prices globally for this dental aesthetic procedure. On average, braces prices in turkey can range anything from 700 – 1550 Euros. Prices vary depending on your individual needs. Once you book a consultation at Cayra Clinic in Turkey, we will be able to assess what the right price for you will be.

Will orthodontic treatment in Turkey change my face?

Your face may well change after having orthodontic treatment in Turkey, but this will often be for the better. As your dental structure changes, so will the exterior of your face. Contact us today for advice and a quote depending on your specific needs. For more details, contact Cayra Clinic in Turkey and we provide you with more information regarding orthodontic treatment in Turkey and much more.

Does orthodontics treatment in Turkey hurt?

After having orthodontics treatment in turkey, pain responses to braces are different for everyone who gets them. They don’t often hurt, but you may feel discomfort and ache for up to a week after receiving orthodontics treatment in turkey. This is while your teeth, gums, cheeks, and mouth get used to your new braces. Usually, there will be visits to tighten the braces at intervals, and the same pain will be experienced with each tightening. However, it wears off once you become adjusted. .

I am already an adult, can I opt in for orthodontic treatment in Turkey?

Braces are still effective for adults who opt for them, and modern styles make them much less noticeable. Many adults choose to get braces after not being able to afford them when they were younger or because their teeth have shifted with age. Of course, orthodontics treatment in Turkey is much cheaper, which is generally beneficial for all who want them. Even as an adult, getting braces can give you decades of more attractive straight teeth and correct serious structural problems, so many people see them as a worthwhile investment.

Is there an ideal age for orthodontic treatment in Turkey?

There is no age limit for getting braces. While childhood is a good time to make changes to your mouth and jaw, more adults than ever are undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct orthodontic issues such as crooked or missing teeth and create a beautiful smile. While some orthodontists may tell you that there is a lower age limit, most prefer you to have at least some permanent teeth before starting treatment. However, every case is different.

What happens if your braces are broken?

You shouldn’t let this happen as braces treatment requires regular visits to your orthodontist. Your treatment will be monitored by your orthodontist at Cayra Clinic in Turkey and planned accordingly. Your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey will examine your oral and periodontal health well before recommending a treatment plan. Your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey will let you know if any other procedures are required before braces. If you have poor periodontal health, it is unlikely that an orthodontist would place braces on your tooth. However, teeth may need to be removed in order to treat your condition.

Why Choose Cayra Clinic In Turkey For Your Orthodontic Treatment ?

At Cayra Clinc in Turkey, when you visit our orthodontist, the advantages go far beyond the correction of your teeth. The dental pain you may experience before getting your braces in Turkey, the imbalances occurring in such a vital area, can also affect the entire body, resulting in pain within the head, neck and even your back.

Your dentist and professional team at Cayra Clinic in Turkey offer wide-ranging, highly versatile orthodontic treatments in turkey. As well as providing an extremely low orthodontic treatment cost in Turkey, which  lowest price you will find worldwide. With orthodontic treatment in Turkey cost as low as these, you’ll be able to save money while getting to the root of your problem without impacting your finances dramatically.

The dentists at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can improve your oral health, fill the gap that’s been missing in your life and help your smile shine more than you would have thought possible. Both restorative and cosmetic dental treatments are available from our Istanbul and Antalya orthodontists in Turkey.

Whether you are looking for orthodontic treatment in Turkey for aesthetic or medical reasons, we can offer the best of both worlds. We understand that not every person will naturally possess straight teeth, so we offer a cost-effective solution, providing the best quality orthodontic treatment in Turkey designed to improve your quality of life.

Indeed, several reasons why having the perfect smile is important to us at Cayra Clinic in Turkey. Contact us now and we will be glad to give you the beauty you seek.

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