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Prolotherapy treatment at Cayra

Prolotherapy, also known as proliferative therapy, involves injecting natural irritants into damaged joints’ soft tissue. Many believe it can significantly reduce joint and back pain, which can have a severe impact on people’s lives. From limited range of motion to being unable to work, the effects of back and joint pain can affect almost every aspect of a person’s life. If you’re struggling with joint or back pain, visit Cayra Clinic to learn more about the benefits of prolotherapy.

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a treatment that uses natural irritants to help heal an injured joint. The irritating stimulus starts the body’s natural healing process. Proliferative therapy is not a surgical treatment. This is also known as a regenerative joint injection or non-surgical ligament and tendon reconstruction. Doctors mainly use Prolotherapy to treat injured joints and ligaments. Sometimes, it is used to treat chronic conditions, such as degenerative disc disease or arthritis. Prolotherapy is an old treatment that is still not fully understood. Some people think that it may be effective, while others are not so sure. Despite this doubt, many members of the medical community believe it to be a safe alternative or additional treatment for back and joint pain.

Who needs Prolotherapy?

Actually, no one requires Prolotherapy. However, you can decide to utilize it. It’s anything but a standard treatment for any infection, condition, or side effect. Indeed, even as it’s concentrated on more, specialists are as yet discussing whether it’s a successful choice to oversee agony and which conditions it helps more than others (if any).

What does the Prolotherapy procedure look like in Turkey?

Prolotherapy is a treatment that uses an irritant, such as a dextrose solution. The irritant is thought to help the body heal. Once the activation device is switched on, the body will start to repair and strengthen damaged ligaments in the joint. The strengthening of the ligaments over time helps to stabilize the joint. Once the joint is better supported, the pain may disappear. Prolotherapy usually requires several injections at the site of the injury or area of weakness to be effective. An individual can expect to receive anywhere from 4 to 15 shots per session and for several sessions to occur over the course of 3 to 6 months. The injection must be accurate in order to place the irritant at the area(s) requiring ligament repair.

What should I do before starting Prolotherapy therapy in Turkey?

Converse with your medical services supplier prior to beginning prolotherapy. They’ll let you know if any prescriptions you’re on or other torments the executives’ procedures you’re utilizing could cause inconveniences during or after prolotherapy infusions.

What to expect from having Prolotherapy therapy in Turkey?

First, the doctor will assess whether a person with joint or back pain is a good candidate for Prolotherapy. The procedure is not suitable for all people. People with chronic conditions may not see any changes after Prolotherapy, so that a doctor may suggest other treatments. During or before an assessment, a doctor may examine X-rays or other imaging results. The pictures will help the doctor decide if the procedure is feasible, given the location and severity of the injury. If the person is taking anti-inflammatory medication, it is important to stop taking them two to three days before the procedure. Continuing to take anti-inflammatory medication may prevent the procedure from working. On the day of the prophylactic injection, it is important to eat a balanced diet. Doctors often recommend that people undergoing growth therapy follow a protein-rich diet. During the procedure, specialists set up the individual’s skin with scouring liquor or another sanitizing arrangement. They may then apply desensitized cream to the skin to lessen distress from the infusion site. In outrageous cases, where the individual is in impressive torment or distress, extra sedation might be utilized. When ready, the specialist will utilize a long, slight needle to convey the aggravation answer for a few unique focuses around the objective region toward the back or joint. The quantity of infusions utilized relies upon the area or joint impacted.

Benefits of having Prolotherapy therapy in Turkey

Clinical experts who support the utilization of Prolotherapy accept that the reinforced joints will mean the agony is diminished. Likewise, the better strength of the joint will assist with steadiness and work on, generally speaking, development and capability of the back and joints. Prolotherapy is an all-regular, long-lasting treatment, as it depends on the body fixing itself to lessen torment. Conversely, pain killers and calming meds just give transitory alleviation. Likewise, careful choices don’t necessarily, in all cases, work to balance out a joint completely.

Risks and side effects of having Prolotherapy therapy

There have not been many detailed aftereffects from Prolotherapy. In uncommon cases, the most exceedingly awful aftereffect is a disease at the site of an infusion. Potential contamination will appear through fever and torment, and it is typically simple to treat with anti-toxins. Another incidental effect might be brief enlarging or torment where the infusion happened. Quickly following the methodology, the impacted joint might feel more regrettable prior to starting to feel far improved. Prolotherapy has not been explored broadly. This might truly intend that there are secondary effects that presently can’t seem to be found.

Adverse effects include:

  • pain and stiffness
  • bleeding
  • allergic reactions
  • bruising and swelling
  • infection

Less common adverse effects are:

  • spinal headache
  • spinal cord or disk injury
  • nerve, ligament, or tendon damage

What is the recovery time after Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy meetings have practically zero recuperation time. You ought to have the option to continue all your standard exercises immediately. You may be sore at your infusion site, however, you ought to have the option to continue all your ordinary exercises without any interference.

Converse with your supplier prior to continuing extraordinary proactive tasks like exhausting exercises or playing sports after an infusion. Your supplier will give you a timetable for any extra prolotherapy infusions on the off chance that you really want them. Look for clinical consideration without a moment’s delay on the off chance that you notice any abnormalities.

  • New or worsening pain.
  • Rashes or hives.

How does Prolotherapy affect joint pain?

Prolotherapy treatment could help:

  • Diminish torment and solidness
  • further developed strength, capability, and versatility of the joint
  • Increment the strength of tendons and different tissues
  • Aggravations invigorate the body’s regular recuperating reaction, prompting the development of new tissues.

For the most part, individuals use it to treat ligament wounds coming about because of abuse and fix temperamental joints. It might likewise alleviate torment because of osteoarthritis. However, research has not affirmed that this is the situation, and there isn’t yet any proof of long-haul benefit.

Cost of having Prolotherapy therapy in Turkey?

It can be difficult to estimate the cost of ozone therapy because the treatments are individualized based on your medical condition and the duration of your treatment. The cost of the sessions will generally range from $200 to $ 400.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there risks?

It does not carry a high level of risk if a professional does it.

When will the effect be observed?

Prolotherapy therapy” is a program that allows users to see the effect of the procedure immediately. Often, the best results can be achieved after just a few days.

Is the procedure painful?

It is not a painful procedure.

How many sessions does it take to be completed?

In the Prolotherapy therapy application, patients may have 3-4 times at various intervals, depending on the person’s health needs. Sessions vary from 1 to 2 weeks apart.

What can I do while waiting for Prolotherapy therapy treatment in Turkey?

You can enjoy the historical places and beaches in Turkey while waiting for your procedure.

What are the benefits of having Prolotherapy therapy treatment in Turkey?

Cayra Clinic in Turkey combines health and tourism. We also offer expert doctors at affordable prices compared to other countries.

What should I prepare/pack before my trip to Turkey?

Depending on your country’s regulations, you may need a visa. Also, it is a good idea to pack suitable clothes for your stay in Turkey.

Where can I stay while waiting to have Prolotherapy therapy treatment in Turkey?

You can accommodate in our five-star hotels. We will book your room for you before you come to Turkey.

Do doctors speak English in Turkey?

Most doctors in Turkey speak English or have an assistant to help communicate.

Do I need to bring a companion while having a Prolotherapy therapy treatment in Turkey?

You can bring a companion or choose to work with our team, who will support you throughout the process.

How long does it take to have Prolotherapy therapy treatment in Turkey?

It generally takes an hour for the procedure to be finished by our professional doctors in Cayra Clinic.

Do I need to pay extra for anything after I buy the package?

Everything included in the package will be free. You may need to pay from your pocket for other fees such as food and entertainment.

What are the ways of transportation in Turkey?

We pick you up from the airport with our VIP car and drive you to your hotel, and then we take you to the clinic from the hotel.

Why Choose Us?

In Cayra Clinic, with proper technique performed by our specialist doctors, who have access to the modern pieces of equipment needed for the best possible outcome, it is nearly painless with a quick recovery.

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