Before & Afters


Liana successfully underwent Rhinoplasty surgery aka Nose Job with Cayra Clinic.


Strabismus Surgery

We performed a successful strabismus surgery for our patient who came from the UK, and they were discharged happily! The operation went well and our patient’s eyes are now aligned properly. It was a great pleasure for us to meet them and assist them throughout the treatment process. Wishing them good health and looking forward to seeing them in better days ahead!


The images of our dear patient Mustafa about his treatment are with you done by one of the best dental clinics in Turkey, the Cayra Clinic. Through our well-planned visits, you can have your E-max lamineted veneers treatment stages done with the best doctors in Turkey, accompanied by modern dentistry’s best coatings and materials. A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile is possible with your new teeth at Cayra Clinic.