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Cayra Clinic's Hydrafacial treatment revitalizes your skin and leaves it with a radiant glow. Our expert team delivers personalized Hydrafacial solutions to help you achieve a healthy, youthful complexion. Trust Cayra Clinic for all your skincare needs, including the Hydrafacial treatment.

Hydrafacial treatment at Cayra Clinic is a unique and effective skincare solution that differs from classical skin care treatments. With no hand contact with the skin, our skilled clinicians use vacuum heads to clean acne or blackheads during the procedure. Our hydrafacial device utilizes patented heads with vortex technology, which allows pores to retain their form, prevents skin irritation, and ensures that the patient experiences no pain. At Cayra Clinic, we provide the best Hydrafacial treatment possible, with excellent before and aftercare to ensure the best possible results for our patients.

Why do I Need a Hydrafacial in Turkey, Antalya?

For skin to stay young, he must first be able to breathe. That is why deep cleansing is the most important step in skincare. Otherwise, even the world’s best quality products, serums, and anti-aging creams will not work because they will not be able to pass through the clogged pores and sink to the lower layers that need to be nourished. They will remain in the epidermis, that is, on the skin’s surface.

In Hydrafacial skin care, your face is deeply cleansed, cleansed of dead skin, opens pores, and nourishes your skin deeply to the surface with serums, antioxidants, vitamins, and acids produced in world-famous laboratories and best clinics in Turkey’s most famous cities; Izmir, Istanbul, and Antalya.

How is Hydrafacial Applied in Turkey, Izmir, and Istanbul?

First, the skin is deeply cleansed, and the pores are softened. For this, serums, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and revitalizing solutions appropriate for the skin type are used.

With the vacuum system working with vortex technology used in the Hydrafacial process, the skin is cleansed of blackheads and dead cells. In addition, the dead epidermis is peeled off at the micro level, reaching a fresh skin layer. For the regeneration and repair of the skin, solutions containing antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid are used.

Finally, LED therapy is applied to stimulate the skin surface. Red LED light stimulates the fibers and promotes skin regeneration and tightening. The blue LED light cleans the pores and calms the skin.

What are Advantages of Hydrafacial?

  • It is effective on fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It restores the elasticity lost to the skin.
  • Provides deep hydration.
  • It is effective on sunspots.
  • It is used to treat blackheads.
  • It is effective on acne and oily skin.
  • Revitalizes the skin.
  • It tightens the pore.
  • Regulates skin tone.
  • It stretches the skin with a lifting effect.

How many Hydrafacial sessions should I have?

Except for cases requiring planning a certain number of sessions, such as acne treatment and open or closed comedones treatment, Hydrafacial is a skincare that we recommend you include in your beauty routine, which can be used regularly once a month or two a month. The number of sessions in acne treatment is planned with a protocol specially prepared for the individual. It is usually applied in the form of 4-6 sessions.

Hydrafacial Prices in Turkey; Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul

Hydrafacial prices vary according to the application area. However, the price for Hydrafacial in Turkey is extremely low compared to other countries. Generally, it ranges between 100£-300£ for a session.


Does Hydrafacial application harm the skin?

Hydrafacial is an award-winning device and application that can be considered the most sensitive among skin care applications and the safest because it can be adjusted according to skin type.

What should we pay attention to after having a Hydrafacial in Turkey?

On the first day, it is also beneficial not to be directly exposed to the sun. In the first few hours, since the pores will be very open, we recommend that you do not wear makeup and stay away from places with a lot of dust and soil.

In which areas of the body is Hydrafacial used?

The face, neck, and hands are Hydrafacial anti-aging skin care application areas.

How can I tell if the Hydrafacial is original or not?

The solutions and serums used in Hydrafacial skin care are the own products of the Hydrafacial brand. Personalized hydra peel tips are used in the handpiece. By checking these two basic characteristics, you can test their authenticity.

How does Hydrafacial affect my skin?

The greatest effect is to saturate the skin with moisture. The deeply cleansed skin begins to renew itself. Gently exfoliates the skin with exfoliating exfoliates the skin from dead skin and revitalizes the skin.

What does LED Light therapy do?

Red LED light therapy triggers collagen production and creates a lifting effect, while blue LED light therapy is used to calm the skin.

Am I a suitable candidate for Hydrafacial in Turkey, Antalya?

Hydrafacial, used safely even on young skin in adolescence with acne problems, is the most appropriate skin care for men and women of all ages.

Who can have a Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial is a suitable and extremely safe care procedure for all skin types. Anyone who wants to preserve their youth with regular skin care can include the Hydrafacial application in their monthly care routine.

Who can’t have a Hydrafacial?

Although no harm has been detected, it is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. Hydrafacial is not applied if there is an open wound, active eczema, or new scars. Suppose deep skin peeling applications such as chemical peels have been performed in the last month. In that case, it is recommended to take a little more time for Hydrafacial.

Are there any side effects of Hydrafacial application?

Hydrafacial application, which can be applied even on sensitive skin, has no known side effects.

How often do I need to have a Hydrafacial?

It may be preferred to apply once a month or at longer intervals in men and women over 30 who regularly take skin care. According to the requirements of the skin, the opinion of the physician and specialist esthetician is decisive about the frequency of sessions.

Can I have a Hydrafacial in the summer?

Every season, you can revive your skin with Hydrafacial.

Which skin types are suitable for Hydrafacial?

It is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive.

Can sensitive skin have a Hydrafacial?

As long as it does not carry skin diseases such as allergies, eczema, or rosacea, there is no harm in taking care of sensitive skin with Hydrafacial.

Where is the Hydrafacial performed?

Hydrafacial is a medical aesthetic application with a device. Therefore, it should be applied by specialist estheticians in a clinical setting under the supervision of a dermatologist doctor.

Can men have Hydrafacial?

It is one of men’s most appropriate care and skin cleansing applications. Hydrafacial does not matter whether it is a woman or a man. After it is applied for the first time, it usually enters between routine treatments that people prefer to do regularly.

Why Choose Us?

In Cayra Clinic, with proper technique performed by our specialist doctors, who have access to the modern pieces of equipment needed for the best possible outcome, it is nearly painless with a quick recovery.

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