Turkey has launched pioneering practices from transport to accommodation to ensure that tourists travel for their health. In this respect, the first country to establish the “Safe Tourism Certificate” practice.

The Medical Travel Insurance package will let tourists have a safe vacation in Turkey, one of the World’s key tourist destinations with unique history, nature, and culture.

What is Covered in Medical Travel Insurance

Inpatient Treatment

The costs incurred as a result of an inpatient stay only partially covered in contracted health institutions need to be covered with rates for the non-contracted health institutions (depending on rates etc.).

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment costs include doctor’s examination, lab test, x-rays, modern diagnosis, and physical therapy are paid by insurance.


The insurance covers medical expenses in cases of illnesses that cause sickness and need to be treated out and inpatient care.

Is Medical Travel Insurance Required for a Turkish Visa?

According to the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, everyone visiting Turkey for a short period requires a visa. Some countries granted e-Visas, while others were not eligible for an e-Visa.

You need travel insurance if you are making a trip to a foreign country. Even if it’s not your main destination, purchasing travel insurance before leaving is always advisable.

Where Can I Get Medical Travel Insurance for Turkey?

If you are traveling to Turkey, you may want to consider getting travel insurance through an international travel insurance company. Typically, there are several local offices where you live that can sell travel insurance. Also, you may be able to purchase travel insurance while you are in Turkey through a tour agency or ship’s employee. If you are traveling utilizing a tour agency, this will include insurance in the overall price. This is not advisable because some plans do not provide the best coverage.

Unlike credit cards, travel insurance through comparison websites is often more accessible. One way of getting travel insurance in the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia is by comparing insurance from different companies. Purchasing travel insurance online is not affiliated with any vendor or companies involved in comparison websites.

Changing the select health plan you prefer gives you control over how much of a health care budget you want to spend on medical treatments.

Will My Medical Travel Insurance Cover My Medical Expenses in Turkey?

Travel insurance policies do cover most medical expenses, but they will only cover you for accidents that take place during your trip or sudden illnesses that take place in Turkey.

Although, You will not be covered if you have a pre-existing condition. Health insurance may not cover things like physical and occupational therapy. But some health conditions are usually covered free of charge.

How Much Does Travel Insurance for Turkey Cost?

The cost of travel insurance often depends on several factors, such as

How much your travel insurance will cover you during your time in Turkey, how long you will be there, and your age will affect the type of health insurance you purchase.

Generally, most people usually pay about 4% to 10% on their overall travel insurance expenses.

Is Healthcare Expensive in Turkey?

Most visitors to Turkey go to private medical facilities when they need treatment cause they are cheaper than the standard in the E.U. Private insurance typically offers higher reimbursement rates than the expenses for visiting a public medical facility. In all, offering tourism insurance in Turkey is one of the World’s leading health tourism destinations, and the Turkish Republic spends a lot on healthcare. As a result, the standard of healthcare in Turkey is comparable with that in other E.U. countries. In fact, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, Turkey is one of only nine countries in the World that spends 10% or more of its budget on healthcare costs.

Is It Safe to Travel to Turkey?

Turkey is considered relatively safe to travel to because the government is known for welcoming people.

However, the books do not offer guidance about specific locations. The U.S. Department of State and the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise that travelers to Syria avoid the areas near the Syrian and Iraqi borders. However, other major cities in Turkey in the west region, such as Antalya, Izmir, and Istanbul, are among the world’s safest cities.

Will Turkey Medical Travel Insurance Cover Missed Flights?

Yes, the Medical Travel Insurance Turkeypolicy provides coverage for missed flights if it is included on the policy. However, a standard travel insurance policy usually includes trip interruption coverage — such as missed flights and cancellations.

However, the insurance provider must consider valid reasons for paying off your flight, including a sudden illness or an accident. Your law firm must inform the insurance carrier if it is a work emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is the coverage chosen within the package scope paid to the hotel or insured?

Compensation payments Health Insurances are made to the right owner. Therefore, the payments in the related policies will be made to the insured, the right owner.

2- What is the compensation duration?

The maximum compensation duration to be paid during the policy period is 15 days.

3-Does it matters if the hospital which decides for surveillance is a private or a public hospital?

The hospital which decides on supervisory should be a public hospital.

4- Is there any waiting period?

No, there is not any waiting period.

5-Is there any age limitation?

Tourists between the ages of 0-65 who visit our country can benefit from this product.