Gum Disease Treatment

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Gum Diase

Gum Disease Treatment at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can easily and painlessly solve the inflammatory condition affecting the tissues surrounding your tooth. Our experienced periodontist uses state-of-the-art laser technology to restore your gums to a healthy state. Don’t let gum disease lead to tooth loss. Visit Cayra Clinic for effective treatment. Keywords: Gum Disease Treatment, Cayra Clinic, Turkey.

What Is The Objective Of Gum Disease Treatment In Turkey?

The restoration of the necessary gum volume is achieved by several techniques. The selection of a particular method depends on the patient’s specific objectives and individual preferences.the main objectives of gum disease treatment in Turkey includes:

  • Augmentation of high-quality gums around the implant;
  • Gum cuff formation;
  • Creation of the necessary volume of the mucous membrane for the gingival crest around the artificial tooth;
  • Bone protection with the help of the restored gum in the implantation zone.

How Is Gum Disease Treatment In Turkey Performed?

In case of the insufficiency of the soft tissues they can be transplanted from another part of the oral cavity. Usually the gum is transplanted from the palate, since the histological properties of the hard palate are considered to be identical to those of the gum near the tooth neck.

That is why the gum graft transplanted by your dentist at cayra clinic in turkey  survives quite easily and stops the gum recession. This gum disease treatment in Turkey’s procedure is performed surgically.

Before the intervention, your doctor at Cayra Clinic in Turkey removes carious lesions in the working area and eliminates the inflammation. Gum disease treatment in Turkey is painless since it is conducted in the presence of local anaesthesia.

To transplant the gum, your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey peels off several soft tissue flaps in the oral cavity, one of them being selected directly beside the tooth. Then your doctor at Cayra Clinic in Turkey cleans the spaces beneath such flaps, eliminates inflammation, removes food residuals, and repairs the root cement.

How Long Does Gum Disease Treatment In Turkey Take?

Gum disease treatment in Turkey usually lakes an hour, but it will be necessary for the patient to return to Cayra Clinic in Turkey a week later for assessment, and further gum treatment if necessary. No matter how good your teeth look, if your gums are diseased, your teeth will suffer without treatment.

What Are The Types Of Gum Disease Treatment In Turkey?

We have two varieties of gum disease treatment available at cayra clinic in Turkey. These are:

  • Laser dentistry: The only method of treatment is by using the laser.
  • Laser assisted dentistry: The procedure is undertaken using the laser together with other methods of treatment.

What Are The Causes Of Gum Disease?

  • Improper dental hygiene: If plaque is not removed through daily dental hygiene practices and regular professional dental cleanings, bacteria may set in and cause gingivitis, which may eventually result in gum disease.
  • Organic changes in the mouth: Changes that occur in metabolism and hormone levels during pregnancy, puberty and menopause may affect the organic balance in the mouth.
  • Medical conditions: Serious conditions that affect the body’s ability to produce sugar (such as diabetes or kidney disease) may contribute to periodontal disease. Furthermore, the center for disease control has found an association between certain illnesses (including diabetes, stroke and heart attack) and gum disease. Finally, medications used to treat medical conditions may produce the overgrowth of gums. Overgrown gums are more susceptible to bacteria, and therefore disease.
  • Saliva flow inhibitors: Certain medications that produce oral side effects or dry mouth syndrome (xerostomia) may contribute to a reduction of protective saliva flow, and potentially to gum disease. Seniors may be more susceptible to dry mouth syndrome because of the natural reduction of salivary flow associated with age.
  • Poor functional habits: Teeth grinding or clenching may impair the surrounding tissue and is a possible contributor to gingival issues.

How Do I Know I Need Gum Disease Treatment In Turkey?

As a gum infection progresses, the bone tends to recede; the gums may or may not recede. In some cases, the root of the tooth becomes exposed, occasionally causing tooth sensitivity. Furthermore, pus may be produced, and pockets may form between the gum and tooth. Since bone recession is not visible to the naked eye, and if left undetected, may contribute to tooth loss, it is important to visit your dentist at Cayra Clinic in Turkey for professional examinations and dental cleanings to identify gum disease.

Here are some common signs you and your dentist at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can look for:

  • Bleeding gums during tooth brushing or otherwise
  • Sensitive, red or swollen gums
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth that are loose or appear to have shifted

What Does Gum Disease Treatment In Turkey Cost?

Gum disease treatment in Turkey costs may be as little as $1000 which makes Turkey a more affordable country for your gum disease treatment.

What Are The Recommendations For Oral Care After Gum Disease Treatment In Turkey?

Regular dental check-ups and thorough domiciliary dental assistance can help avoid serious damages that require surgical intervention. Other means of preventing gingival problems include:

  • Teeth cleaning twice a day with the use of a fluoride-containing toothpaste;
  • Daily use of dental floss;
  • Regular visits to the dentist to undergo dental examination and professional teeth cleaning;
  • Well-balanced and healthy diet;
  • Abstaining from smoking.

Why Choose Cayra Clinic In Turkey For Your Gum Disease Treatment?

Cayra Clinic in Turkey is one of the best clinics which provides excellent dental surgeries successfully over the years. At Cayra Clinic in Turkey, we understand what it means to receive high-quality, friendly, and gentle dental care therefore, we take a preventive approach and want to help you avoid gum disease from the start.

With our clinics located at Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey, we features the highest-quality technology and equipment to identify and prevent gum disease. If an implant is necessary, we can help guide you through that process as well.

Also, we have the best surgeons in Turkey who will carry out your gum disease treatment perfectly without any complications. Whatever type of dental treatment you need, we will ensure you feel completely relaxed and confident in your care plan and answer all of your questions.

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