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Emergency dentist in Turkey.

At the Cayra Dental Clinic, we provide the best services that can help you soothe tooth pain, if you are in Istanbul, and require emergency dental care, we are only a phone call away, from helping you out and saving you a trip from the emergency room.

There are a lot of daily activities that can lead to a case of dental emergencies, playing sports, riding bikes, having car accidents, eating something hard, or rough playing among kids, all these can constitute oral injuries. It can range from mild to very severe, a chipped tooth, knocked out tooth, toothache, or losing a filling. What all these scenarios have in common is that jolt of pain that you would feel when it happens, and all you would need to know is what to do to ease the pain. In this article, we will share tips and guidelines for dental emergencies and center it around Istanbul.

What to do in case of a dental emergency

The first thing to do in the case of a dental emergency, is to call your dentist, so they can ascertain if it is an urgent emergency, because not all dental cases are emergencies, but if you are dealing with a case where one or more teeth has been knocked out completely, you have a tooth abscess that is putting you in so much pain, or if your mouth has been injured, These are dental emergencies that require you to see a dentist immediately, but here are a few first aid guides that can help you ease the tooth pain, that we suggest

If the tooth is chipped or cracked,

If the tooth is knocked out,

For a knocked out tooth, the chances to save the natural tooth, decreases after 30 – 60 minutes, it is therefore advisable to,

In a case of a severe toothache,

The cause of a toothache is multifaceted, because it can occur from many reasons, eating cold or hot food or drinks. These symptoms usually indicate a tooth decay, worn tooth enamel and more, it is advisable to.

In dental emergencies, the first call to action would be to reach out to the dentist, to confirm an appointment to stop the pain if in severe distress and fix the tooth. With the advancement in dentistry, replacing a missing tooth can be done by inserting implants, this acts the same way as your natural tooth, it keeps you healthy and looking great. Our highly trained dentists at Cayra treat various dental emergencies and tooth pain, the best Istanbul, has to offer you.

You can easily reach us now for your free consultation in this urgent situation.