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Acne Scar Treatment can be a lifesaver for anyone suffering from the aftermath of acne. Acne scars and blemishes can leave behind unsightly marks that can have a negative impact on your self-image. These scars occur when the skin does not heal properly after acne has cleared. However, there is hope for those who want to get rid of these scars. Acne Scar Treatment is available at Cayra clinic and can help reduce the appearance of scars and improve the overall texture of your skin. With the right treatment plan and an experienced provider, you can achieve smoother, clearer skin that will boost your confidence and help you feel your best.

How does Acne develop?

Some people develop acne because of genetic factors, diet, environmental factors, or hormones; testosterone plays an important role in causing acne to develop in both sexes.

Some people become more sensitive to testosterone. At this time, however, it should not be assumed that all men are like this. What is a key feature is that fat cells react with sensitivity to testosterone. While parents may have a strong history of acne, this results in acne in their children. In some cases, hormonal drugs can also cause acne. Regrettably, some foods that are high in fat and sugar can also lead to the appearance of acne.

What are the ways to protect the skin from acne scars?

Even if squeezed acne is very easy, it is very dangerous to pop. Squeezing or popping acne causes damage to the skin. Therefore, it leads to the inflammation of the area, which creates traces of scratches, a very ugly image. Thus, the areas that have numerous scratches turn into permanent and usually unsightly scars. Preventing acne scar formation is possible without squeezing infected acne.

It is good to apply a warm compress to not flare up pimples. If we apply such measures, acne will go away quickly. At the same time, it is advisable to apply a warm compress around when a white spot begins to develop. This will help to preserve the tissue around the pimples.

How are acne scars formed?

Most people cannot prevent acne breakouts. However, some people succeed in preventing acne scars by controlling their growth. Acne scars, on the other hand, can sometimes be acquired as a result of a squeeze. Some acne scars may appear because of excessive collagen released by the body after acne heals. A burn or squeeze can result in a scar.

What are the most common types of acne scars?

Acne scars are a skin condition that can be caused by acne. These types can be divided into boxy, ice pick, keloid, hypertrophic, and brown pigmented scars. Among them, the most common type is mainly boxy, followed by ice pick, rolling and red flat.

How to care for skin with Acne?

Cleansing the skin from time to time is very important to prevent acne formation. In addition to cleaning the pores, the toxins should be removed from the skin. It does not seem right to wear make-up to people with active acne. For the same person, there is an effective treatment if one is vigilant about avoiding acne. Acne scars can also be eliminated with natural methods. Among the methods of prevention of acne are omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamin E, which contains zinc, which prevents acne formation. Acne can also be eliminated with natural foods. Foods that are very good for acne are probiotics, yogurt, cheese, and kefir. Food without additives such as DHA, which is found high in fish, is good for skin health. Drinking green tea is also beneficial to the skin.

How to care for acne scars?

Some of the most common methods for acne scar treatment are laser and chemical peeling, which can be used in conjunction with one another. For active breakouts, acne treatment is first done, followed by acne scar treatment. Another effective method for acne scar treatment is a fractional laser. With this application, the collagen under the skin is destroyed, and new collagen formation is provided. This treatment method is done with the help of a special laser device. As a result, the stem cells in the upper skin are activated. These newly formed epithelial cells (which serve to be the surface covering) are used to heal the more serious damage. While it is important to avoid the sun as much as possible after acne treatment is complete, it is important to recall that rashes and peeling are likely to occur following the procedure. These side effects will then resolve, and the skin overall will be better looking following treatment.

After acne scars heal, the goal is to reinstate the normal white color of your skin to treat the scarring. Scar treatment should be helpful if started early.

When can I get acne scar treatment in Turkey?

The cities of Antalya, Istanbul, and Izmir in, Turkey have many clinics that offer high-quality treatment. If a patient wants to stop acne scars and regain the appearance of healthy skin, it is necessary to treat active acne first. For acne scars that have not been moderately advanced, the scar-settled permanent scars in the skin will be more stable and sharper. First, your doctor will give you treatment for your active acne, and then acne scar treatment may be initiated.

What are the methods used for acne scar treatment in Turkey?

A wide variety of acne scar treatments are available, which are listed below.

Medical skin care and acne treatment: One of the most important points in acne treatment is to take precautions to the point of their formation. Then use a skin care and acne treatment method that effectively prevents bacteria and archaeological excavation scars. This treatment method is a success for men and women of all age groups.

HydraFacials: are a facial spa treatment that cleanses and moisturizes the skin. This facial also helped to prevent the formation of new acne lesions that often form on the skin.

Fraxel laser acne treatment: provides special waves of laser energy at the cellular level. This way down to the deepest levels of the skin and repairs collagen production, which reduces the appearance of acne scars. Eventually, irritated or broken skin can appear healthier. In some situations, the breakup or alteration of skin blocks pores.

The gold needle is a type of treatment for acne scarring. Collagen is stimulated to produce, and external treatments of estrogen combine with skin softening actions to make the skin look brighter and younger. This method also repairs the skin’s aforementioned irregularities. It is recommended for mild acne scarring.

Dermapenile acne treatment: is an injectable anti-wrinkle medication that stops the limited production of collagen and elastin while it significantly reduces the visible appearance of wrinkles. It is prescribed for people who do not wish to pursue invasive procedures such as laser treatment.

Babyface acne treatment with the help of » thulium laser« acne treatment, microchannels are opened in the skin. It is particularly effective in lightening the scars. It’s a new detailed technology of laser hair transfer. It’s especially valuable for teens to remove acne, bruises, and scars.

In which body parts can acne scar treatment be applied?

If acne is occurring on the face and front shoulder, this results from hormonal imbalances. Hormonal changes cause acne to spread over the front shoulder and face, prompting the formation of acne scars. The most prevalent areas for a teenage acne scar treatment program are the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

How much is acne scar treatment in Turkey?

When it comes to treating acne scars, there are many methods that can reduce the unique cosmetic damage that this disorder may cause. Depending on the type and severity of scars, insurance may offer certain treatments at a lower cost than other treatments. The pricing scheme for each treatment tends to differ based on the area where the treatment is performed and the experience of the surgeon who performs the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of acne scar treatment?

Acne can be caused by clogged pores in which sebum or sweat will no longer be transported out of pores. Scientists believe there are bacteria triggers when the skin pores clog. The skin oil and other substances will not travel beyond these open pores. The bacteria will accelerate, multiply, and eventually cause inflammation. Through prolonged and improper treatment, the bacteria can die and get into where they usually don’t belong. This, in fact, can cause a wound that results in scarring.

What can I do while waiting for acne scar treatment in Turkey?

You can enjoy the historical places and beaches in Turkey while waiting for your procedure.

What are the benefits of Having acne scar treatment in Turkey?

Cayra Clinic in Turkey combines health and tourism. We also offer expert doctors at affordable prices compared to other countries.

What should I prepare/pack before my trip to Turkey?

Depending on your country’s regulations, you may need a visa. Also, it is a good idea to pack suitable clothes for your stay in Turkey.

Where can I stay while waiting to have acne scar treatment in Turkey?

You can accommodate in our five-star hotels. We will book your room for you before you come to Turkey.

Do doctors speak English in Turkey?

Most doctors in Turkey speak English or have an assistant to help communicate.

Do I need to bring a companion while having an acne scar treatment in Turkey?

You can bring a companion or choose to work with our team, who will support you throughout the process.

How long does it take to have acne scar treatment in Turkey?

It generally takes an hour for the procedure to be finished by our professional doctors in Cayra Clinic. The whole trip takes about 3-6 days.

Do I need to pay extra for anything after I buy the package?

Everything included in the package will be free. You may need to pay from your pocket for other fees such as food and entertainment.

What are the ways of transportation in Turkey?

We pick you up from the airport with our VIP car and drive you to your hotel, and then we take you to the clinic from the hotel.

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In Cayra Clinic, with proper technique performed by our specialist doctors, who have access to the modern pieces of equipment needed for the best possible outcome, it is nearly painless with a quick recovery.