Strabismus Surgery

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Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey, is a condition in which both eyes do not look at the same place at the same time. It usually occurs in people who have poor eye muscle control or are very farsighted. Six muscles attach to each eye to control how it moves. The muscles receive signals from the brain that direct their movements. Normally, the eyes work together so they both point at the same place. When problems develop with eye movement control, an eye may turn in, out, up or down. The eye turning may occur all the time or may appear only when the person is tired, ill, or has done a lot of reading or close work. In some cases, the same eye may turn each time. In other cases, the eyes may alternate turning.

What Is Strabismus?

Strabismus is misalignment of the eyes, and occurs with children and adults. If the eyes are out of alignment, one eye or the other is not used at any given moment, which impairs visual attention, depth perception and motor skills. Misalignment of the eyes also can cause bothersome double vision.

What Is Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey?

Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey is a surgery to correct strabismus (eye misalignment) or nystagmus (eye wiggling). The surgery involves moving one or more of the eye muscles to adjust the position of the eye or eyes. Before recommending surgery, your ophthalmologist, will have carefully considered correction through patching therapy, eyeglasses or prisms. Eye drops are occasionally used before or after surgery, but can never correct eye alignment on a long-term basis. Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey can be performed in children as young as four months of age and is an important option for older children and adults as well. It’s better to perform surgery as early as possible, because the brain circuits for binocular vision (using the two eyes together) are most adaptable at a young age. Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey can still be performed in older children and adults, as these brain circuits continue to have some adaptability.

What Are The Causes & Risk Factors Of Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey?

Strabismus can be caused by problems with the eye muscles, the nerves that transmit information to the muscles, or the control center in the brain that directs eye movements. It can also develop due to other general health conditions or eye injuries.

Risk factors for developing strabismus include:

  • Family history. People with parents or siblings who have strabismus are more likely to develop it.
  • Refractive error. People who have a significant amount of uncorrected farsightedness (hyperopia) may develop strabismus because of the additional eye focusing they must do to keep objects clear.
  • Medical conditions. People with conditions such as down syndrome and cerebral palsy or who have suffered a stroke or head injury are at a higher risk for developing strabismus.

Many types of strabismus can develop in children or adults, but the two most common forms are below.

When Do I Need Strabismus Surgery In Istanbul, Turkey?

You need Strabismus Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey if you notice any od these symptoms. Symptoms of strabismus include:

  • Eyes that look misaligned.
  • Eyes that do not move together.
  • Frequent blinking or squinting, especially in bright sunlight.
  • Tilting the head to look at things.
  • Faulty depth perception
  • Double vision

Can Strabismus Be Prevented?

Strabismus cannot be prevented. Complications can be prevented if detected early enough. At the minimum children should be screened for eye health before 6 months of age and again between 3-5 years.

What Am I Expected To Do Before Strabismus Surgery In Istanbul, Turkey?

On the night before Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey, don’t have food or milk after midnight. Medicines may be taken with sips of water. Only apple juice and water may be taken up to three hours before the admission time.

How Is Strabismus Surgery In Istanbul, Turkey Performed?

The anesthesia doctor may order a preoperative oral sedative. A young child will be put to sleep within seconds by breathing gas from a mask held near his or her face. An intravenous (iv) line and a breathing tube (endotracheal tube) are placed only after the patient is asleep, and the breathing tube is removed before he or she is fully awake. Children age 13 or older who are not unduly frightened may be given an iv line of sedatives beforehand. Depending on the special needs or medical condition of a patient, the anesthesiologist may slightly alter the routine.

After the patient is fully asleep, several eye muscles (usually on both eyes) are repositioned using microsurgery. Using special instruments, we rotate the eye so we can make the incision in the thin covering over the white of the eye, without taking the eye out of the head. We can’t use lasers on the eye muscles because they would destroy the muscle tissue. Instead, we’ll use tiny stitches to reposition the muscles based on measurements obtained during office visits and with your child asleep. No stitches have to be removed; when the muscle is healed, the synthetic stitches will absorb by themselves.

How Long Does The Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey Take?

Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey is usually completed within an hour, although this may vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the case. Immediately after the surgery, your doctor at Cayra Clinic will explain you all follow-up process.

Who Is The Right Doctor For Strabismus Surgery In Turkey?

The right doctor to consult for Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey is an ophthalmologist at Cayra Clinic in Turkey.

What Is The Usual Success Rate For This Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey Procedure?

The success rate for Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey varies between 88-96%.

How Much Does A Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey Cost?

The cost of Strabismus Surgery in Antalya or Istanbul ranges from $1250 to $2000. The price can change related to patient’s condition.

Are There Complications For Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey?

There may be mild discomfort from the surgery, and mild nausea is common. The nurses will treat any discomfort with appropriate medication. We discharge most patients within two to three hours after Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey. Therefore, this no severe complication.

Do I Need Glasses After The Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey?

Glasses may be worn immediately following Strabismus Surgery. The surgery does not change the prescription of glasses to any appreciable degree.  However, if glasses have prism in them prior to surgery, then glasses without prism should be acquired for use immediately after. Contact lenses are generally not comfortable for approximately two weeks following the Strabismus Surgery in Antalya, Turkey procedures.

What Is The Recovery Process For Strabismus Surgery In Antalya, Turkey?

You, your child or family member will go directly from the operating room to recovery area, where constant monitoring continues under the observation of anesthesia and nursing staff until patients awake.  Parents or family (generally one member) may invited to be present in the recovery room, although usually are reunited in the so-called step down‖ recovery area.  Breathing tubes are removed either in the operating room or recovery room; either is appropriate and safe. Thereafter, patients are moved to a step-down‖ area where family join in the continuing awakening and recovery process.  IV’s are generally removed in this area after liquids are being taken by mouth.  Clear liquids are offered at this time.  Popsicles are a popular option for children.  There should be no excessive concern about rubbing the eyes.  Doing so will be uncomfortable, and even children will not harm themselves or what was done in the surgery, once they have completely emerged from anesthesia.  A cool, moist washcloth over the eyes is generally soothing.

Why Choose Cayra Clinic In Antalya, Turkey For Your Strabismus Surgery?

Cayra Clinic in Turkey is committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment for our patients and staff.  Our care team members are being vigilant about their own health and will stay home if ill. We ask that our patients and parents do the same if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. While in our offices at Antalya and Istanbul, masks are no longer required but certainly welcomed and encouraged.  It is important to us that you are comfortable continuing to receive care through our organization. We will do everything we can to keep you and your family safe. Book an appointment with Cayra Clinic in Turkey for your Strabismus Surgery now and you will be glad you did.

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