Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

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تكبير الثدي عن طريق نقل الدهون

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Turkey is gaining popularity as the latest trend in breast enhancement, but is it really the next big thing? While this procedure has many benefits, it may not be a replacement for breast implants. Istanbul and Antalya in Turkey have become major destinations for cosmetic and plastic surgery candidates, with Cayra Clinic being a must-visit for those seeking to erase their physical complexes and feel better about themselves without paying exorbitant fees. Fat transfer, also known as lipostructure or liposculpture, is a non-invasive surgical technique that involves removing fat from a patient to reshape one or more areas of the body, and Cayra Clinic offers exceptional services in this area.

What Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey is a plastic and cosmetic remodeling technique that involves the removal and reinjection of fat grafts in order to add volume or fill in hollows in a body or facial area. This operation was performed for the first time in 1893 by a German surgeon, Gustav Neuber, who took fatty tissue from a patient’s arm and reinjected it around his eye to erase scars caused by a bone infection.

This was a pioneering plastic reconstruction operation, before being applied on a large scale in the field of cosmetic surgery over the last twenty years. Fat is removed from excessive fat areas in the body by liposuction, or lipoaspiration, using special syringes called cannulas, allowing the patient to reduce his fat mass and refine his shape.

The harvested fat tissue is then placed in a centrifuge to be separated from body fluids, purified and sterilized. It can also be cleaned with special single-use filters (puregraft 50 or lipogems), the advantage of which is the fineness and purity of the fat obtained, which is easier to reinject, and the total elimination of fluids that can cause hematomas and/or inflammations under the skin of the treated areas.

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey

Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey has many advantages compared to other techniques. It uses your own tissue, so the transfer won’t be rejected. While some treatments may require more than one procedure, many can be done in one session in the office or operating room. In all these cases, liposuction (the process of removing fat) is an outpatient procedure where you go home the same day, avoiding an overnight stay in the hospital. Additionally, it is a relatively pain-free procedure with minimal down time. Many women opt for a fat transfer breast augmentation because the general recovery time is much easier than implant breast augmentation. But there are other reasons why a fat transfer may be the best fit for you.

The remarkable benefits of breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey include:

  • No breast implant complications

Breast implants can dramatically augment the appearance of the breasts, but they also come with certain risks. For example, leaks, deflation, and capsular contracture are all complications that can happen with breast implants, regardless of whether you choose silicone or saline. Many women who want to avoid those complications opt for a fat transfer procedure instead. A fat transfer is generally low-risk in terms of potential complications down the line. Not only will you never need to replace a flawed implant, but your immune system will also not try to reject the implant or create painful scar tissue in the breasts that will require another surgery. After the fat is injected into the breasts, you will only need to focus on recovery while the fat cells make a new home in your breast tissue.

  • Less traumatic

Placing a breast implant is somewhat traumatic to the body. With breast implants, it’s common for multiple incisions to be made on the breast or beneath the breast tissue to give your surgeon enough room to place and inflate the breast tissue. With this procedure, the fat injections are far less traumatic for the breasts.

  • More natural results

Breast implants such as gummy bear implants try to achieve a natural feel and look, but some women are still dissatisfied by the artificial appearance of these implants. However, with a fat transfer, you will be able to enjoy results that look and feel natural. Not only will the shape of your breasts appear more naturally round, but the breast tissue itself will be as soft as your natural breast tissue.

  • Longer-lasting results

The results of breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey’s procedure will last for decades or even a lifetime. This is a vast improvement to other breast augmentation procedures that may not produce long-lasting results. For example, it’s common for breast implants to have complications that mean they need to be replaced. Because the fat transfer will bond with your natural breast tissue, you will be able to enjoy your results permanently.

Why Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey Done?

Fat transfer can be used in a variety of ways, and we continue to discover new ones. Scars have responded favorably to fat transfer, with improvement in their contour, texture, color and hardness after fat grafting. Fat grafting also can be used to treat painful neuromas (nerves that have scarred abnormally) that develop in areas of trauma or surgery. Finally, in areas where surgery or trauma have caused volume loss, fat can be used to fill these regions and improve the contour deformity.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey also can be used for:

  • Breast augmentation or enhancement after construction
  • Buttock augmentation
  • Poor scars/burns
  • Amputation pain/thinning of skin
  • Radiation therapy/skin changes
  • Chronic migraines with specific trigger points
  • Foot fat pad atrophy
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Facial rejuvenation (i.e. Lip fillers, filling of tear trough)

Who Are Ideal Candidates For Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey?

Most women who aren’t satisfied with the size, shape, or overall appearance of their breasts are good potential candidates for this fat transfer procedure. More often than not, candidates are between the ages of 20 and 40. It’s common for women who have recently stopped breastfeeding to use this treatment to correct the size and shape of the breasts.

Other signs you may be an ideal candidate for this procedure include:

  • Healthy patients

The surgery portion for this procedure means you will need to use general anesthesia to complete the liposuction and fat injection process of the treatment. Candidates must be in good general health to be qualified for this treatment.

  • Patients who want moderate breast size increase

This procedure is ideal for women who want to moderately increase the size of their breasts or subtly correct shape concerns. If you want to drastically increase your breast size, then you may not be a candidate for this treatment.

  • Patients with adequate fat donation

Patients will also need to have an adequate amount of fat to donate to the breasts. During your consultation, we will examine potential donor sites to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey.

How To Prepare For Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey?

Like any aesthetic operation, breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey begins with an appointment with your plastic surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey, who will listen to your needs, analyze your lifestyle and your diet, study your medical file and your possible pathologies. Your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey will identify the areas where the fat can be removed, and define with you those where it will be reinjected. Photos are taken to make digital simulations and to see the differences before and after the operation. Your surgeon at Cayra Clinic may recommend a pre-operation diet, in order to have the perfect figure before starting the liposculpture and to stop smoking 4 weeks before the operation. An interview with your suegeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey will also be taken in case of general anesthesia.

How Is Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey Performed?

  • Step 1: Fat removal

The operation can begin with a complete vaser liposuction, aimed at ridding the body, in a definitive way, of fatty deposits that have resisted the diet and sports. The areas of harvesting and remodeling having been previously drawn by your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey, the fat is taken from strategic places, using a cannula inserted through a small incision in the skin, to harvest the adipose tissue. The harvested fat is placed in a centrifuge or filtered to remove all impurities.

  • Step 2: Injection of the fat

The purified adipocytes are gradually reintroduced under the epidermis using extremely fine cannulas, while being guided and shaped by the surgeon. This step lasts between 20 minutes and several hours, depending on the extent of the area treated.

  • Step 3: After the operation

Recovery can be quite fast, with definitive healing and a guaranteed result two months after the operation, provided that you strictly follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Limited pain may persist for several weeks in the areas where the fat was removed, which can be treated with a mild anti-inflammatory, such as paracetamol. A partial dilution of the injected fat (between 20 and 50%) in the body may be observed, which may require touch-ups or a new operation after several years, but the result is long-lasting. In all cases, exposure to the sun and the practice of sports are not recommended during the first eight weeks.

Cost Of Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey

With rates 60 to 80% lower than in most west-european countries, medical tourism becomes tempting, especially in turkey. Of course, local surgeons will try to discourage their patients by mentioning the risks (infection, poor healing, implant collapse).

Tunisia and Brazil are sometimes criticized, especially for infections with atypical mycobacteria, which can lead to serious septicemia. But accidents remain rare. In this field, the aesthetic clinics of Istanbul and Antalya, Turkey, enjoy an international reputation, with state-of-the-art medical infrastructures, an excellent quality of service and hygiene, and very experienced surgeons, trained in the best american or european plastic surgery practices, and working with the most advanced medical technologies.

A breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey cost varies, depending on the patient and procedure at hand. Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey procedures ranges between 2000 and 3,500 Euros. It is important to note that this is a general estimate only.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer In Turkey Recovery Period

Compared to other breast augmentation methods, such as implants, your recovery time will be much shorter and more comfortable with a breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey. You can generally expect your immediate recovery time to last for at least two to three weeks.

After one to two weeks, most people can return to work and other daily activities; after three weeks, you will be able to resume most strenuous activity, including exercise. During your initial recovery period, you will be advised to move carefully and follow all of the aftercare instructions given to you.

In general, your occupation will determine how quickly you are able to return to work. Some people who work in offices may go back to work in less than a week, and others who have more physically active jobs may need more than a week for immediate recovery.
Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey is generally safe when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, especially a board-certified plastic surgeon like Cayra Clinic in Turkey.

What are the risks of breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey?

Having the procedure performed improperly carries an elevated risk of fat embolization (a piece of fat may find its way into the bloodstream), infection, clotting, bleeding, fat necrosis, and other serious complications that can be fatal. That is why you need to have your breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey performed by your qualified surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey.

How long does a breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey last?

Once the breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey procedure is done you can expect that after about six months, the fat cells remaining should be enduringly established and last a lifetime. It is important to remember that time does march on and you will continue to age. You may want to consider additional treatments to continue looking youthful.

Is fat transfer breast augmentation better than implants?

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation with fat transfer in Turkey, then the chances are high that you’ve done your homework already. Many women struggle to choose between implant augmentation and fat transfer augmentation. Ultimately, the best breast augmentation treatment for you will depend on what your aesthetic goals are, how much volume you want to increase in the breast, and your lifestyle.

Why Choose Us Cayra Clinic In Turkey For Your Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer?

Cayra Clinic in Turkey medical expert team is here to always available to assist you. Because you are unique and we give you the promise of your satisfaction. Each of our experts are on your side with the highest criterias of listening and assisting all your needs.

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At Cayra Clinic in Turkey, we all share with you our responsibility to the health of the planet and its inhabitants. We know how much medical tourism can be a great chance for your well-being, but we are also conscious of our duty to having your breast augmentation with fat transfer carried out by an expert surgeon.

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