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General check-up is a comprehensive health assessment that aims to evaluate the overall well-being of an individual, regardless of any specific medical condition. At Cayra clinic, we offer general check-up services that take into account various factors such as age, genetics, and environmental factors to identify potential health risks and provide preventive measures. Our general check-up includes a range of medical tests and examinations to ensure early detection of diseases that may be difficult to treat at later stages. With our general check-up, we aim to provide our patients with timely and effective treatment to ensure optimal health outcomes.

Customized Check-up Programs are accessible at Cayra Clinic, which are custom-made for gender and age to point diagnosis and treatment of possible sicknesses and risks.

You are referred to relevant departments and have necessary tests and assessments as indicated by aftereffects of this technique, called “Well-being Risk Assessment.”

A doctor might arrange more detailed tests and assessments toward the finish of the check-up if a risk is recognized in the constant check-up. After the check-up program is finished, all your well-being data is put away, and you can stay in contact with your family doctor for a follow-up of your well-being status.

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1 What Does Check-Up Include?

2 When Will the Check Up Results Come Out?

2.1 Best Time to Have a Check-up

2.2 How is Check-up Performed?

3 Can Cancer be Prevented with a Check Up?

3.1 How long does a Check-up take?

3.2 How Much Are the Check Up Prices?

3.3 Why have your check-up in Turkey

3.4 Why come to Antalya and Istanbul for a medical check-up?

4 Why Choose Us?

What Does Check-Up Include?

Check-up doesn’t just include tests and assessments. Assessments performed after the beginning of an illness are not check-ups. Patients are not exclusively assessed over research facility tests during a check-up; exact assessments can likewise be made through conversations with patients before the check-up.

Check-up is an overall assessment over experience for routine well-being assessment, research facility tests, and radiology review. Generally speaking, well-being is evaluated by thinking about lifestyle, diet, propensities, and familial risks.

Patients are educated about what to do that requires consideration as per check-up results. If an issue is diagnosed, or in the event of a medical condition, the patient is sent to the appropriate division.

The medical examination consists of the following procedures:

  1. Blood test
  2. Urine test
  3. Heart examination (electrocardiogram)
  4. X-ray of the lungs for smokers (non-smokers may be exempted)
  5. General examination (conversation with a general practitioner, stethoscope, reflex tests, etc., like at your family doctor at an annual check-up)
  6. Ophthalmologist (eye examination)

When Will the Check Up Results Come Out?

Blood tests scheduled for a check-up are usually concluded within a few hours. However, pathology examinations can take place in a wide range from a few hours to a few days depending on the examination. In particular, examinations such as mammography, pap smear or computed tomography may take a long time to conclude and report.

Best Time to Have a Check-up

It is ideal to have a check-up once per year, beginning at adult ages, regardless of whether you have any grumblings or concerns. A yearly check-up is vital to assist the doctor with contrasting the previous year’s results and notice the changes in your well-being status and risks.

How is Check-up Performed?

For a check-up, you should initially arrange a clinic or clinical focus where check-up is accessible. Your check-up specialist will ask you questions about the meds you take and your previous history of illnesses. Likewise, the extent of a check is not set in, and the specialist educates the patient about drugs that should be used or stopped before the check-up visit.

Patients should quit eating and drinking for a specific timeframe (8 to 10 hours) before presenting for a check-up; when the clinic is visited, blood and pee tests are gathered alongside electrocardiogram (ECG) and radiology reviews, like chest X-rays and stomach ultrasounds. Also, Age and gender explicit tests can be requested, for example, mammography and PSA tests.

Can Cancer be Prevented with a Check Up?

The most important step in the fight against cancer is to prevent the disease before it develops, to diagnose the developing cancer early and to start effective treatment as early as possible. For this purpose, screening tests for the diagnosis of cancer in certain risk groups have been planned. It is very important that these tests are repeated at regular intervals.

Certain blood tests and imaging methods applied within the scope of check up provide very important data in the fight against cancer and make it possible to diagnose the disease early. After the check-up, if health problems that are known to be effective in the development of cancer are detected in a person, lifestyle changes may be recommended for this. For this reason, it can be said that check-up scans play a critical role in the fight against cancer.

How long does a Check-up take?

The span of check-ups may differ as per the content of the check-up. Generally, you can finish your check-up procedure in our clinic in 1 day. Detailed check-up programs can be finished in 2-3 days.

How Much Are the Check Up Prices?

Check up cost in Turkey ranges somewhere in the range of €400 and €1000 since the examinations performed during check-up scans may vary individually, check-up prices may also differ.

Why have your check-up in Turkey

Turkey has a reputation as the land of health and medical tourism and gives excellent pre and post-medical procedure patient consideration and therapy process with a genuinely modest cost; This is why Turkey invites an extraordinary number of clinical vacationers from everywhere in the world consistently.

Why come to Antalya and Istanbul for a medical check-up?

In the last two decades Antalya and Istanbul advanced massively in health industry and built an impressive medical infrastructure that is in line with international regulations and high-quality standards.

They are the best in the world for medical tourism. The very reasonable prices, quality of service in its world-class clinics and hospitals with the latest technology, quality, and affordable healthcare make Istanbul and Antalya a superb choice for medical tourists.

Diagnostics is conducted few days, sometimes two. Duration depends on the package you have chosen. There are also specialized doctors who conduct examinations and do the necessary procedures. You will not need to stay in the queue, move different floors to find the right examination room or doctor. All entire diagnostic process takes place in one department where you will be guided by medical staff. Based on results, your doctor makes recommendations, recommends the right treatment, if necessary. You will also receive all detailed transcripts of your examination in electronic and written form for your convenience.

Why Choose Us?

In Cayra Clinic, with proper technique performed by our specialist doctors, who have access to the modern pieces of equipment needed for the best possible outcome, it is nearly painless with a quick recovery.

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