Pediatric Dentistry

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Pediatric dentistry specialists are committed to the oral well-being of children from the earliest stages through the high school years. They have the experience and capabilities to focus on a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth through the different phases of experience growing up.

Children start to get their child teeth during the initial half year of life. By age 6 or 7, they begin to lose their most memorable arrangement of teeth, which are replaced by additional, extremely durable teeth in the long run. Without legitimate dental consideration, children’s teeth may experience oral rot and infection that can cause a long period of torment and inconvenience.

Can children get tooth decay?

Everybody, even infants, can get tooth rot. A few things put kids at more risk, like living in poverty, being in an ethnic or racial minority, or having unique medical services needs.

  • The mother or caregiver had tooth decay or did not have a regular source of dental care.
  • If there are white spots on the kid’s teeth. These spots are an indication that the tooth is losing calcium and minerals that keep serious areas of strength for it.
  • There are tan, brown, or dark spots, or you see openings (pits) on the teeth. This is an indication that the tooth is rotting.

 Benefits of Pediatric (Children’s) Dentistry

  • Better teeth and gums for your child
  • Less chance of creating tooth rot
  • Less requirement for fillings
  • No feelings of trepidation or fears of the dental specialist
  • Less gum related problems

What Parents Should Keep in Mind

Oral well-being begins early. Be prepared to examine your family’s arrangement for a “dental place.” All kids need admittance to a dental specialist for normal consideration. See your child’s dentist by his first birthday. At this first visit, your dentist can determine the frequency of future dental checkups.

Doctors need to make the primary examination easy and painless so they can eliminate the biases and fears in children. Since kids who are peaceful and agreeable have a high possibility of being treated in a dental seat with practically no issues. The first examination and acquaintance are extremely important to create a good impression on the kid.

Difference between a Pediatric Dentist and a Dentist

Children are not simply little grown-ups. Pediatric dental specialists know how to look at and treat children in ways that make them agreeable. Furthermore, pediatric dental specialists utilize extraordinarily planned hardware in organized and embellished workplaces. A pediatric dental specialist offers an extensive variety of treatment choices, as well as mastery and preparation to focus on your child’s teeth, gums and mouth.

  • When oral well-being is disregarded in children, the body endures significant issues. The child can’t eat and drink anything, and her body can not get sufficient supplements.
  • Dental specialists suggest that a child ought to have his most visit to a dental specialist when he turns one.
  • Early oral hygiene habits will develop strong teeth and gums of the child throughout life. Pediatric dental specialists can be the closest companion and can safeguard him from future problems and deep-rooted inconveniences.

During a routine oral health exam with a pediatric dentist, you can expect:

  • A conversation about your kid’s oral well-being, brushing, and flossing habits.
  • A total assessment to really take a look at the development of the teeth, gums, jaws, and encompassing oral tissues
  • Teeth cleaning and cleaning to eliminate any plaque, tartar, or stains

Common Problems in Pediatric Dentistry

Teething problems

Pediatric dental specialists are counseled when getting teeth is postponed in a newborn child. The advancement of the teeth and jaws should be fitting to permit the newborn child to be appropriately weaned onto strong food varieties. Great and convenient teething of the children is also significant in the development of proper speech.

Malocclusion or misaligned teeth

A malocclusion happens when the teeth of the upper and lower jaws don’t meet when the jaws are shut together. This can cause issues with eating or talking. The malocclusion might be tormented by gnawing or wounding the internal parts of the mouth, gums, and tongue.

Dental caries and tooth rot

Milk teeth are shed to be supplanted by long-lasting teeth. Children have an increased probability of creating tooth rot and bacteria uncovering the internal dental mash to microscopic organisms causing toothaches. Children will quite often be more defenseless to dental plaque and tooth rot since they are bound to eat sweet, tacky food varieties and not keep up with their dental cleanliness. Along these lines, pediatric dental specialists treat tooth rot.

Why Choose Us?

In Cayra Clinic, with proper technique performed by our specialist doctors, who have access to the modern pieces of equipment needed for the best possible outcome, it is nearly painless with a quick recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there risks with Pediatric Dentistry?

It has no risk.

Is Pediatric Dentistry painful for my child?

It is not a painful procedure. Before the process, the procedure areas are anesthetized with the help of an injection.

What can I do while waiting for Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey?

You can enjoy the historical places and beaches in Turkey while waiting for your procedure.

What are the benefits of having Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey?

Cayra Clinic in Turkey combines health and tourism. We also offer expert doctors at affordable prices compared to other countries.

What should I prepare/pack before my trip to Turkey?

Depending on your country’s regulations, you may need a visa. Also, it is a good idea to pack suitable clothes for your stay in Turkey.

Where can I stay while waiting to have Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey?

You can accommodate in our five-star hotels. We will book your room for you before you come to Turkey.

Do dentists speak English in Turkey?

Most doctors in Turkey speak English or have an assistant to help communicate.

Do I need to bring a companion while having Pediatric Dentistry in Turkey?

You can bring a companion or choose to work with our team, who will support you throughout the process.

Do I need to pay extra for anything after I buy the package?

Everything included in the package will be free. You may need to pay from your pocket for other fees such as food and entertainment.

What are the ways of transportation in Turkey?

We pick you up from the airport with our VIP car and drive you to your hotel, and then we take you to the clinic from the hotel.

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