Explore Kaleici in Antalya!

Surrounded by walls with multiple entrances, Kaleiçi is both the historical center and the central point of Antalya. It has become an attraction center right in the middle of the city, with its buildings, castle, and houses dating from Ottoman times. It is also known as Old Antalya, and its establishment dates back to the period of the Kingdom of Pergamon. Kaleiçi is the most colorful face of Antalya, where there are live performance venues, dessert cafes, and restaurants. It also provides accommodation with many boutique hotels and hostel options.

Among the places you can see in the region, Hadrian’s Gate, Hıdırlık Tower, Fluted Minaret, Decapitated Minaret, and Antalya Toy Museum are just a few. You can buy handmade carpets and rugs, antiques, leather goods, ceramic works, and many other things.

Go to Santa Claus Church in Antalya

Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus in the world, was born in Patara, one of the most important cities in the Lycia region, and lived in Myra. After the death of St. Nicholas, who had been a bishop in Myra, he ensured that he reached the order of saints. After he died for St. Nicholas, who was considered the savior of the poor, and the protector of sailors and students, the people of Myra built a church in his name and put his coffin inside.

The name of St. Nicholas, who is held in special respect in Russia, Europe, and America, has been turned into a tradition to wish “Let St. Nicholas Hold the Helm” when setting out on a journey, with his picture or icon hung on all boats, big and small, in the Mediterranean. The influence of St. Nicholas is great in that the city of Mayra, where his church is located, is the capital of the Lycian Region, increasing its prestige.

Experience Jurassic Park in Dinopark, Antalya

Dinopark is an amazing place where you can find history, discovery, and nature together. While you are sipping your tea in the park, your child can play games in the parking area decorated with dinosaurs in front of your eyes. You can have fun in many areas such as Dinopark Sightseeing Track, Horror Tunnel, Planetarium, 7D Cinema, Fossil Pool, Dino-Vivid, Climbing Wall, Children’s Workshop, Clashing Boats, Pool Games, and Trampoline.

At the same time, a mini-zoo for children operates at the facility, which is open for visiting. Children can ride ponies and go on a fun-filled pony tour in the park if they wish.

Entrance fee: 3 – 4 dollars.

Take a Tour of the Old Antalya Houses

In Antalya, where the summers are very hot and the winters are warm, houses have been constructed to prevent the sun’s angle and provide coolness rather than protection from cold. Most homes are built, so that masonry, stone, and wood connect the street and the backyard. There are gaps called bay windows on the upper floors of the houses to match the home and street architecture.

The center of the houses is formed with stone floors that open towards the garden on the ground floor. While the ground floor is used as a service section, rooms such as storage and kitchen are located here. The upper floors are the sections reserved for accommodation. The windows of these rooms have been made larger and more light has been allowed to enter.

Visit the Red Tower!

The Red Tower forms the part of the castle that stands out. The tower takes its name from the red brownstones that make up its lower parts and the bricks used in its upper part. It was built on the castle’s ruins from the Cilician pirates by order of Alaeddin Keykubat. There are three inscriptions in it, and it is seen that it was made by Abu Ali Reha al Kattani, the master of the structure from Aleppo, following the sign in the northern part. The other two inscriptions are praises written to Alaeddin Keykubat, who built the castle.

See the Flame of Yanartaş Up Close!

Attached to the district close to Cirali Kemer, which shows itself by the mysterious atmosphere of mysticism sunset reflects. A few people know the flames of chimera or chimera. The fire rising among the cliffs has been burning for almost a thousand years. It is one of the wonders of the eternal fire of Anatolia, which is known as the stone of the mountains and within the National Park, at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level in the hills of Cirali and Olympos.

Fire through the rocks can reach up to 30 cm high and illuminates the surroundings in the form of a flame. The flames are believed to be the inspiration for the Chimera monster that spreads fires in the Iliad Epic of the famous Ionian writer Homer.

Go for Scuba Diving Tours

After taking the designated routes at 08:30-09:00, you are heading to Marina. After the journey lasts about 15 minutes, the diving tour starts at 09:45-10:00. The first of the program, which consists of two dives for a total of 20 minutes each, is performed off the coast of Caltıcak, followed by a lunch break. The second is performed on Rat Island. The return to Setur Marina starts at 17:00. For the daily Antalya Diving Tour, you need to pay as low as 10 dollars.

Services included in the fee;


2 Dives

All Diving Equipment


Professional Diving Guidance Service

Diving Certificate

Visit the Ayayorgi Church

The Hagia Yorgi Church, one of the five Orthodox Greek churches known in Kaleiçi, is important in terms of Antalya’s recent history and ethnography. The marble inscription on the eastern entrance door, which also depicts the scene of Aya Yorgi killing the dragon, is called Karamanlıca with the Greek alphabet.

The shape of the building is rectangular, with a single center covered with a vault, and bearing the characteristics of Mediterranean architecture in general. This modest church symbolizes heaven, and its ceiling is decorated with simple plaster cloths in different shades of blue.

Entrance Fee: Adult 2 dollars / Student 1 dollar.

See the Magnificent Ancient City of Olympos

You can reach the city by passing through the forest and hostels, and if you come in the summer, don’t forget to swim at Olympos Beach! Pay attention to the possibility of turtles appearing on the beach. However, no exact information can be known about the foundation date; Olympos, mentioned in the Lycian Union coins minted in 167-168, is thought to date back to these dates, as it is one of the six cities with three voting rights in the Lycian Union. Most of the ruins of Olympus, which represented the east of Lycia in the Union, are covered with trees and shrubs and belong to the Hellenistic and Roman-Byzantine periods.

In the ancient period, the riverbed that divided the city into two parts was taken into a canal, used as a pier on both sides, and connected by a bridge, which is seen today. On the southern shore, the polygonal braided wall of the Hellenistic period and the section next to it showing Roman and Byzantine repairs are visible. Near the river mouth is the remains of a late-period structure on a small and steep acropolis.

Take a Boat Tour in Altınbeşik Cave National Park

The section of Altınbeşik Cave, which has the third largest underground lake in Turkey and Europe, is 2200 meters in total, together with its tributaries. A 125-meter-long lake follows from the mouth of the cave, and the lake’s depth reaches up to 15 meters in places. It has formed a bridge by creating a natural rock blog in the middle of the lake. At the end of the lake, there is a travertine close to the vertical covering the hall with a height of 44 meters. The active arm has been explored up to a stream at 8 meters in the cave, which continues with three branches from here. Apart from the fossil arm, the entire cave is covered with travertines and crevices. You can visit this place only in the summer and autumn, and you must wear a life jacket when boarding the boat, and it is strictly forbidden to swim in the lake. In addition, there is also a hiking trail that takes about 1 or 1.5 hours between Ürünlü Village and Altınbeşik Cave.