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Stop complaining about looseness and skin laxity in your thighs! The solution is now within your reach and is called “thighplasty”. This underrated Thigh Lift Surgery can grant you a thinner, better-proportioned upper leg. Women increasingly choose this procedure to say farewell to sagging skin in the thighs.

“Thigh Lift Surgery”! This cosmetic surgery can reshape and lift your thighs to achieve a more desirable appearance. If you’re struggling with excess skin caused by aging, pregnancy, or significant weight loss, a thigh lift might be the right solution for you. At Cayra Clinic in Turkey, our experienced surgeons can recommend the best approach for your needs, whether it’s an inner thigh lift, medial thigh lift, or bilateral thigh lift. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve the thinner, better-proportioned upper legs you’ve been dreaming of.

For those who want to get more attractive thighs without loose skin and stubborn fat, undergoing thigh lift surgery in Turkey might be the solution that you need to consider. A thigh lift surgery in Turkey can indeed solve many problems for people who have lost significant weight or who have tried other means of weight loss without reaching any positive outcome.

If your skin lacks elasticity or looks saggy or flabby, a thigh lift can drastically improve this by lifting the skin and recontouring the thighs. Thigh fat is notorious and tough to get rid of even with special exercises and extreme diets. Excess fat and loose skin in the thighs lead to anxiety and anguish because they make you feel bigger or older than you really are.

Moreover, fat and saggy skin might persist in the thighs even after weight loss has occurred in other areas of the body. Thighplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to enhance the outer look of the thigh by removing extra skin and fat from the inner and outer thighs. Next, you will learn why you should consider Turkey to undergo a thigh lift, besides the costs, benefits, and risks of this procedure.

What Exactly Is Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey? 

A thigh lift surgery in Turkey is a cosmetic surgery that aims to tighten and improves the general look of your thighs by removing extra skin that was accumulated as a result of significant weight loss, aging, or even pregnancy. With drooping skin and a flabby appearance, your thighs may appear dimpled and extremely saggy. A thigh lift surgery in Turkey can elevate and reshape your thighs so that they seem slimmer. To give your thighs a smoother, more toned look, a combination of thigh lift and liposuction may be the right way to go. However, thigh lift surgery is not a weight-loss surgery. It’s just for people with normal weight who don’t like how their thighs look. Cayra Clinic in Turkey is the best medical clinic where you can get your thigh lift surgery in Turkey done successfully.

Benefits Of Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey 

As an international patient, you will get attractive-looking thighs and other exciting benefits after undergoing thigh lift surgery in Turkey. Here is a list of benefits that you will get:

  • Say goodbye to saggy and loose skin in your thighs.
  • Get smoother skin and be able to show your thighs without embarrassment.
  • Feel much younger, slimmer, and self-confident.
  • Get defined muscles and diversify your selection of clothing.
  • Reduce the risk of infection and reduce stretch marks in the thigh.
  • Reduce friction-related sores and irritation between the legs.
  • Allow yourself to indulge in amusing activities in Turkey.
  • Enjoy a bang for the buck as the price of a thigh lift is cheaper in Turkey.

Candidates For Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey

To be eligible for thigh lift surgery in Turkey, you must be in good health, have a stable weight, and have reasonable expectations. Also, you may be self-conscious about your thighs and complain about:

  • Sagging, cellulite, and loose skin on your thighs due to aging.
  • Clothes don’t fit correctly because of your big thighs
  • Your thighs circumference doesn’t match the proportion of the rest of your body after completing a weight-loss program

Nevertheless, you must know that a thigh lift is different than a butt lift, but your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey can perform an outer thigh lift to remove extra skin alongside a butt lift.

Cost Of Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey

The cost of a thigh lift surgery in Turkey doesn’t exceed 3000 Euros. We also offer additional services without asking for extra fees. Therefore, this price tag is extremely cheaper than in other countries. For instance, the average cost of the surgery is around 5300 US dollars in the United States according to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons. Surprisingly, this price doesn’t even include anesthesia and many other related expenses. In the United Kingdom, however, the surgery cost is usually between 2500 GBP and 5000 GBP. For an affordable price, you can get your thigh lift surgery at Cayra Clinic in Turkey successfully.

Risks And Complications Of Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey

Almost every surgery comes with risks and possible side effects. The following are some of the risks associated with thigh lift surgery in Turkey:

  • Anesthesia-related side effects
  • Improper wound healing
  • Pain, discomfort, or numbness
  • Bleeding or infection
  • Thrombosis in the deep veins of the legs

Preparation For Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey

First of all, you need to find an experienced surgeon for your thigh lift in Turkey. Cayra Clinic has a well-known and experienced surgeon to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey will evaluate your health, examine your thighs, and ask you about your medical history. Also, your surgeon at Cayra Clinic may prepare you for thigh lift surgery in Turkey by doing or suggesting the following:

  • Discuss your expectations and talk about other options, such as liposuction.
  • Determine the length and location of the incision and the resulting scar.
  • Avoid certain medications or modify their doses.
  • Tell you about what you can eat or drink the night before surgery.
  • Quit smoking.

Steps Of Involved In Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey 

Thigh lift surgery in Turkey takes roughly two hours to complete and is commonly done as an inpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Because incisions for this surgery can vary widely, your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey should discuss with the patient to choose the right incision. Here is a brief review of the thigh lift procedure:

  • You will receive IV sedation or general anesthesia to ensure comfort and no pain.
  • Your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey determines the size of the incision by the degree of correction and the type that you chose before.  Some patients may be good candidates for a minimally invasive surgery that involves just a groin incision.
  • Your surgeon at Cayra Clinic will choose the right location for the incision, usually in natural creases in the skin to make them less apparent.
  • Finally, your surgeon at Cayra Clinic uses dissolving sutures to maintain the right contours after removing fat and skin. To close the skin, they use glue or other similar materials.

Recovery After Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey 

The recovery phase after thigh lift surgery in Turkey may involve the following:

  • Expect bruising, swelling, and mild pain after the surgery; thus, your surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey may prescribe pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. recovery for 3 weeks.
  • Your surgeon may attach drain tubes to the surgical site to collect fluid and decrease infection risk, but these tubes will eventually be removed.
  • Avoid swimming and hot tubs until your surgeon gives you permission. Showering is permitted after 2 days following the surgery.
  • Your surgeon will remove the surgical sutures within two weeks or you will have dissolving stitches which does not require removal.
  • Expect to see some scars, but they usually dissolve with time or become much lighter in 6 months.
  • You can return to work within 7 to 10 days, and you can resume exercise within 4 to 6 weeks.

Why Should You Undergo Thigh Lift Surgery In Turkey In Turkey? 

Thousands of patients from more than 140 countries visit Turkey every year to undergo both therapeutic and cosmetic treatments. In Turkey, our surgeon usually perform a thigh lift surgery in Turkey in conjunction with similar cosmetic surgeries. Women from all around the world increasingly choose Turkey as their preferred choice for thigh lifts due to reasons that include the followings:

  • Developed & modernized clinics (Cayra Clinic in Turkey is one of them)

Turkish authorities have created multiple programs since 2003 to increase the funding and quality of Turkish clinics and hospitals. As a result, many clinics and hospitals have successfully received international accreditation (JCI), which proves their compliance with the highest quality standards. They regularly update and renew their medical equipment to ensure correct and error-free medical treatments. Therefore, as a lady that seeks a thigh lift in Turkey, you shouldn’t worry much about the quality and integrity of the clinic but be sure to select the right one, Cayra Clinic in Turkey to get the best result.

  • Immediate access 

Unlike many other clinics around the world, Turkish clinics try to avoid bureaucratic and “clogged” schedules. In other words, once you arrived in Turkey, there is no need to wait for too long to undergo a thigh lift. Your coordinator of Cayra clinic set precise schedules for patients, so they can get immediate access to treatments without further delays.

  • Low-cost treatment packages of thigh lift surgery

The low-cost treatment is a main competitive advantage for Turkish clinics. Medical services in Turkey are remarkably cheaper than in the United States, Germany, Spain, and France. Furthermore, the overall living costs in Turkey are cheap compared to other countries. This includes food, transportation, and accommodation services.

  • Skilled surgeons 

Turkish surgeons and medical personnel are frequently receiving training in US and European medical facilities, especially those who work in clinics and hospitals that serve international patients. Being a skilled surgeon takes much time and effort, but because Turkish surgeons repeatedly perform thigh lifts and other similar procedures, their experience and skills improve quickly

  • Social and environmental services

Cayra clinic provides a wide range of exciting and appealing services for little to no charge at all. Besides casual services such as interpretation and transportation assistance, we provide premium services that compete with tourism agencies, such as spa treatments, lunches, and tours around the city.
Frequently Asked Questions

Is thigh lift surgery in Turkey safe? 

Thighplasty, like any other surgery, carries some complications and potential risks, but it is a safe process that has been investigated by many studies, which have proven its effectiveness and encouraging results, especially when it is performed by your expert surgeon at Cayra Clinic in Turkey and for the right indication.

When is the result of the thigh lift surgery in Turkey are going to appear? 

The initial results appear immediately after the surgery, and the final results will appear several weeks later. In a few cases, the desired results cannot be achieved after a single surgical procedure, so additional surgery may become necessary.

How long will you stay in the hospital after thigh lift surgery in Turkey? 

General anesthesia is used during the surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital for the next day to allow the medical team to monitor your condition and track any complications related to anesthesia or surgery. It is highly suggested staying 1 week minimum for thigh lift surgery in Turkey.

When can you return to normal daily activities after thighplasty? 

The period varies from person to person, but in most cases, you should wait 7-14 days to resume your normal daily activities. You should avoid tiring exercises and jogging during the recovery period.

Is it safe to undergo a thigh lift Cayra Clinic in Turkey? 

Yes for sure. You will be in safe hands. Cayra Clinic in Turkey’s doctors are well-educated and friendly toward international patients. Also, the Cayra Clinic in Turkey mostly have clean operating rooms and strict quality policies to ensure optimal patient satisfaction.

Thigh Lift Surgery before and after photos ? 

You can see thigh lift before and after photos on our social media accounts. Additionally, you can reach coordinators of Cayra Clinic 24/7 for thigh lift reviews.

Can you walk immediately after thigh lift surgery ?

Walking immediately after thigh lift surgery is not suggested. Three days after thigh lift, you can start walking gently. Moving is very important for recovering from surgery that’s why you must not spend your days inactive as well.

How Cayra Clinic in Turkey can help you? 

Cayra Clinic in Turkey offers outstanding packages for international patients who seek cheap and safe thigh lift packages in Turkey. If you are worried about the sagging skin on your thighs and want to see real improvements, we’re here to help you and answer all your questions.

Our surgeons and medical personnel at Cayra Clinic in Turkey have performed hundreds of successful thigh lift surgeries for patients from different countries around the world successfully. Contact Cayra Clinic in Turkey now to get free medical consultation right now!

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