Sėdmenų implantas

Butt Implant

Sėdmenų implantas

Butt Implant:

Many women want to appear to have a larger, shapelier, and more attractive behind. Trends have recently shifted toward a more curvaceous body contour as a symbol of sensuality and sexual appeal.

Butt implant are a permanent cosmetic procedure performed in the office that adds volume to flat, square-shaped buttocks. Butt implant surgery takes several hours and has a lengthy recovery period. While many people are pleased with their outcomes, there is a high risk of complications.

What exactly are butt implants?

Butt implants make your buttocks (butt) appear rounder and more shapely. A plastic surgeon inserts silicone implants into or below your butt (gluteal) muscle. The location varies according to your plastic surgeon’s approach.

Butt implants that look natural ?

The placement of your surgeon’s butt implants determines how natural they appear.

  • Implants placed inside your buttock muscle reduce the risk of sciatic nerve damage, but the implant may stick out.
  • Implants placed beneath your muscle appear more natural, but they increase the risk of nerve damage.

Procedures for butt implants:

Buttock implants serve one purpose: to improve the shape of the buttocks. However, there are a few different approaches to accomplishing this goal. Fat grafting and buttock implants are the two main types of procedures.

Fat Transfer:

Butt augmentation with fat grafting was the most popular buttocks cosmetic surgery in 2015. It is also known as the “Brazilian butt lift.”

During this procedure, your surgeon extracts fat from another part of your body – typically the abdomen, flanks, or thighs – and injects it into the buttocks to add volume. To achieve the most natural look possible, this method is sometimes combined with silicone implants.  

Sculptra Buttlift:

Another procedure involves injecting Sculptra into the soft tissue of the buttocks. This procedure is carried out in a doctor’s office with little to no downtime.

The material adds a small volume at the time of injection, and your body uses it to form additional collagen, which may further increase the volume in that area over weeks to months.

It takes several sessions to notice a significant difference, as well as multiple vials of medication per session, which can be costly.

Hydrogel and silicone Buttock injections

You’ve probably heard of hydrogel buttock shots as a less expensive method of augmentation. This method produces only temporary results and does not necessitate a traditional surgical procedure. It’s also hazardous.

Silicone injections, like hydrogel injections, do not require surgery and do not directly alter the shape of your buttocks.

While there has been some discussion about using silicone injections instead of butt implants, this method is not recommended. In fact, buttock silicone injections can be extremely dangerous.


Silicone and other materials are frequently injected illegally in nonmedical settings by unlicensed providers. They frequently inject silicone sealant and other materials used to seal bathrooms or tile floors. This is risky for several reasons: The product is not sterile, and both the product and the nonsterile injection can result in potentially fatal infections. The materials are soft and do not adhere to one location, resulting in hard lumps known as granulomas. If this product is injected into blood vessels, it has the potential to travel to the heart and lungs, resulting in death.

Implants made of silicone

Butt implants are made out of silicone. Solid silicone implants, as opposed to injections, are surgically implanted into the buttocks through an incision between the butt cheeks.

For the best results, this procedure is sometimes combined with fat grafting. Buttock surgery can take up to four weeks to recover from.

Typically, implants increase volume. This is something that injections and fat grafting cannot accomplish on their own. Overall, silicone implants have been shown to be both safe and effective for buttock enhancement.

People with little fat may not have enough to inject for a Brazilian butt lift, so implants are preferable.


Liposuction is sometimes used in buttock procedures in addition to fat grafting and implants. To achieve maximum contouring, the procedure removes excess fat in specific areas of the buttocks.

If you have excess fat in the area due to weight loss or ageing, you may be a candidate for liposuction with butt implants.

Is there a maximum age for Buttock implant?

Candidates for buttock augmentation are typically at least 18 years old and in good physical health. Patients should be psychologically stable and aware that butt implants are intended to improve appearance rather than perfection.

Are Butt Implants safe ?

Butt implants are generally considered safe. Butt implant surgery, like any other cosmetic procedure, has risks. Choosing a larger implant increases the risk of complications, such as incisions opening after surgery and implants shifting out of place.

Butt implants vs. Brazilian butt lift (BBL): how do they compare?

Here’s what you need to know if you’re debating between butt implants and a Brazilian butt lift (BBL):

BBL uses fat grafting to reshape your buttocks, making them appear rounder and fuller. Liposuction is a procedure in which your plastic surgeon removes fat from one area of your body, such as your stomach or thighs, and injects it into your buttocks.

BBL appears and feels more natural than butt implants. It may also be less likely to cause complications.

Who are the best candidates for butt implants?

Your plastic surgeon will decide if you are a good candidate for butt implants or another cosmetic procedure. Butt implants are generally recommended for people who:

  • Have good health.
  • Do not have a condition that can impede healing, such as diabetes.
  • Do not have enough fat in their bodies to perform BBL.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Have a buttock that is flat or square in shape.

Who does not qualify for butt implants?

Those who do not meet the criteria for butt implants are those who:

  • Inability to quit smoking for several weeks before and after surgery.
  • You frequently gain or lose weight.
  • Have excessive or sagging skin.
  • Desire a quick fix and are unprepared for the longer recovery period that butt implant surgery necessitates.

How should I get ready for butt implant surgery?

You will be given instructions on how to get ready for the procedure. Preparation includes not smoking for at least six weeks prior to surgery and avoiding medications that can cause excessive bleeding, such as aspirin. Request a complete list of these medications from your healthcare provider. Herbal supplements should also be avoided before surgery.

What occurs prior to butt implant surgery?

General anesthesia is usually required for butt implant surgery. You will be asleep throughout the procedure and will not feel any pain.

What exactly happens during butt implant surgery?

Butt implant surgery typically lasts several hours. Your cosmetic surgeon:

  1. Makes an incision between your butt cheeks, either at the top or bottom.
  2. Places the implants inside or beneath your buttock muscle.
  3. Uses stitches or surgical tape to close the incision.

What happens after a butt implant procedure?

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with specific instructions for wound care and recovery. You might need to:

  • Avoid applying direct pressure to your buttocks.
  • Do not take a shower for 48 hours.
  • Get an antibiotic.
  • Utilize a stool softener.
  • Apply surgical drains.
  • Put on compression garments.


What are the advantages of having butt implants?

Butt implants make the buttocks appear rounder, firmer, and more defined. If you’re happy with the results, butt implants are permanent, so you won’t need any additional procedures to keep the look.

What are the risks and complications associated with butt implant surgery?

Working with a skilled plastic surgeon can help to reduce risks. Butt implant surgery, on the other hand, has a high rate of complications, which may include:

  • Blood clots under your skin (hematoma).
  • Constant pain.
  • Fluid accumulation beneath the skin (seroma).
  • Separating incisions
  • Long-term scarring
  • Implant relocation.
  • Discolored skin.
  • An uneven appearance
  • They could be in the wrong location (malposition).
  • Permanent muscle, tendon, or tissue tightening around your implant (contracture).
  • The implants have the potential to rupture or burst.


How long does it take to recover from butt implant surgery?

It takes time to recover from butt implant surgery. Some surgeons, for example, will advise you to avoid sleeping on your back or sitting for the first two to three weeks — except for eating and going to the bathroom. Following this, you must use a pillow beneath your hamstrings for at least eight weeks.

When can I resume my normal activities?

If there are no complications:

  • You can return to work in two to three weeks, but you will need to use a pillow.
  • You can begin exercising after eight to ten weeks. If complications arise, you may need to wait longer before exercising.

When should I expect to see the results of butt implant surgery?

Swelling is common after butt implant surgery. As a result, you may not see your results until the swelling subsides — in some cases, three to six months after surgery.

Will my butt implant surgery leave scars?

After butt implant surgery, you will have some scarring. The extent of scarring is determined by the location of the incisions. Discuss with your plastic surgeon where the incisions will be made and whether the scars will be visible after recovery. In addition, inquire with your surgeon about the best way to care for your incisions after surgery in order to minimize scarring.

When should I make an appointment with a plastic surgeon?

Consult your plastic surgeon about common and potentially dangerous side effects. If you have any of the following symptoms, contact your surgeon’s office:

  • A reaction to an allergen or an infection.
  • Severe bleeding or swelling
  • Severe pain that does not go away.

The Cost of butt implants in Turkey 2022:

Butt implants are regarded as a cosmetic, or aesthetic, procedure. These procedures are not deemed medically necessary and are therefore not covered by insurance.

However, many service providers offer payment plans to their customers. You may also be able to finance the procedure through your provider or a low-interest loan.

It’s also critical to know all the costs up front. Aside from the surgeon’s fee, you will also be responsible for any anesthesia and room fees.

Buttock Implant Clinics, Hospitals, and Surgeons in Turkey (Gluteoplasty).

  • Buttock Implants (Gluteoplasty) start at 3,000 Euros in Turkey.
  • The most expensive Buttock Implants (Gluteoplasty) in Turkey are 4900 Euros.


Surgeon fees can also differ depending on where you live. You should compare prices with multiple board-certified providers ahead of time.

Message from Cayra Clinic

Butt implants give the buttocks a firmer, rounder shape. Butt implants may be a good option for people with a smaller, leaner frame who lack the fat required for a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). Butt implant surgery, on the other hand, has a longer recovery time and a higher complication rate.

Consult with a provider first to ensure that you understand everything about this type of surgery. Don’t be afraid to shop around until you find the right surgeon for you; just make sure they’re experienced and board-certified.

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