Canthoplasty in Turkey

What is called cat eye or Bella’s eye is one of the surgeries that has become very popular recently, which has helped many celebrities worldwide. The Canthoplasty process is a simple and modern process in which the eye shape is changed to look similar to the cat’s eye shape.

What is Canthoplasty Surgery?

In canthoplasty surgery, the edges of the eyes are raised, and a more attractive appearance is given to the eyes. With age, the lower eyelid relaxes, and the eye acquires a more rounded appearance. The edges of the eyes go down, giving way to a sad look. This look can be corrected with a Canthoplasty surgery. This procedure can also be performed in young patients who do not require eyelid intervention to make the eye shape more attractive. In Canthoplasty surgery, fixation is performed by stitching. The tendon connecting the eye to the bone is separated from its place and fixed to a spot opened at a higher level in the bone. Canthoplasty is a radical procedure that significantly changes the shape of the eye and is performed only on selected patients.

How is Canthoplasty performed in Turkey?

Canthoplasty is an operation that takes 30 minutes. During surgery, the area called the outer canthus is stretched upwards and outwards and then hung on the bone membrane. The patient can be discharged on the same day.

Who is a Candidate for Canthoplasty in Turkey?

Canthoplasty operation is applied to people with a sad look and loosened lower eyelids, especially those who want to look younger. After Canthoplasty, people can get more attractive looks. This operation is an operation performed regardless of the men and women. During Canthoplasty, upper and lower eyelid surgeries, eyebrow suspensions, or temple stretching operations are usually performed.

Factors that can Affect Canthoplasty Results

Combined procedure options may depend on several factors, including:

  • Facial anatomy
  • Genetics
  • Drooping eyelids or brows
  • Eyelid condition(s)
  • Whether or not this is a revisional procedure
  • Lifestyle
  • Skin aging and laxity

Is there an age limit for Canthoplasty in Turkey?

Canthoplasty can be performed on anyone over the age of 18. Although there is no limit for advanced age, this surgery gives better results in patients maintaining skin elasticity. The most demanding age group for this procedure is young people between the ages of 20-30. It is not recommended to perform this procedure at an earlier age without completing facial development.

What should be done before having a Canthoplasty surgery in Turkey?

The patient should not wear makeup before the operation, nor should he clean his face with any chemicals. Blood thinning medications should not be used at least a week before.

What should be considered after having a Canthoplasty surgery in Turkey?

After the operation, the patient is discharged on the same day.

Two days after the operation, the patient can take a shower. The melting stitchings laid on the outside melt in a few days. Within ten days, the patient will be completely cured. Patients need to use a double-padded bed while lying down and sleeping on their backs. As before the operation, no makeup should be applied, and no chemicals should be used after the operation until it is completely healed. Baby shampoo should be preferred instead of regular shampoo.

Is Canthoplasty Eye Surgery permanent?

Although the effect decreases slightly over time, the results are permanent. But with the impact of aging over time, sagging may appear around the eyes of people who have undergone this surgery.

Does the facial expression change as a result of Canthoplasty in Turkey?

After Canthoplasty, the eyes become more attractive, and the gaze becomes more vivid. The person’s facial expression changes in a positive way. Still, there is no change in the characteristic posture of the face. After the operation, the person gets more expressive and youthful looks, and this effect is maintained for a long time.

How Many Days Does Canthoplasty Surgery Take to Heal?

After Canthoplasty, an operation without pain, patients recover within 4-5 days. The patient can work during this time and do his daily routine work.

Canthoplasty Surgery Prices in Turkey

Before the application is made, a preliminary examination of the person is performed. Then pricing is determined according to the details. Cost is extremely low in Turkey compared to other countries.

Canthoplasty Surgery Prices in Turkey, Antalya

The cost of canthoplasty surgery in Antalya is around 1,600 USD

Canthoplasty Surgery Prices in Turkey, Istanbul, and Izmir

The cost of canthoplasty surgery in Antalya is around 1,800 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the type of anesthesia used in Canthoplasty Surgery?

The form of anesthesia used for Canthoplasty Surgery is local anesthesia. Although only the operation area is numbed and the patient is conscious during the operation, no pain or pain is felt.

Do I need to be hospitalized after Canthoplasty Surgery?

After the operation, it is necessary to be kept under observation for 2-3 hours, but hospitalization is not required. A few hours are enough to be discharged after Canthoplasty Surgery.

Can I wear makeup after Canthoplasty Surgery?

There is no harm in wearing light makeup two days after the operation. Still, it is much healthier to avoid heavy makeup until the recovery period is over. It should be noted that special attention should be paid to eye hygiene during the healing process.

Are there any stitch marks left after Canthoplasty Surgery?

After the operation, some people do not have any scars at all, while some people may have a very thin (almost unclear) scar. The scarring condition may also vary depending on the quality of your recovery after the operation and your skin characteristics.

How long can I return to work after Canthoplasty Surgery?

It is best to follow the doctor’s advice on this issue. The time period to go back to work after Canthoplasty Surgery varies between 2-7 days in general.

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